A Journey of a Thousand Miles

A Journey of a Thousand Miles

Advanced Computers and Mobiles India Pvt Ltd is a legacy brand in the telecom industry. With over 25+ great years of run time, the Advanced Group is the name many international brands looked to partner up with when creating a foothold in the Indian telecommunications market. Mr. Essa Ismail Merchant, the name and face behind this brand, gives us a small snippet of his life and guides us through the journey of Advanced Group.

“My dream to set foot into the telecommunications industry began with pager days. I was only 23 years old when I had witnessed the early launch of a pager phone and curiosity had stuck me,” says Mr. Essa Merchant, “with only a couple of hundred bucks from my dad, I had set sail on this new journey. During my 25 long years in this industry, life and luck have been very kind to me. I have gotten the opportunities and occasions to work with brands one could only dream of.”

He says this all while pointing to his multitude of trophies and recognisitions he has received from internationally recognised brands like Blackberry, Alcatel, LG, Lenovo, Phillips, Meizu, and so many more.

“What I’m really proud of is the lessons this journey has taught me and the contribution I have been able to make to the telecom industry to help it flourish and grow. It truly humbles me that I got to a be a small part of a such a revolutionary change from the days of a push-down telephone till the day of a 4G enabled smartphone.” the founder and managing director of Advanced Group concludes.

Advanced Computers and Mobiles India Pvt Ltd is a brand that is known amongst every person in the telecom industry and Mr. Essa Merchant is a veteran of this industry known for his insights, critical skills and strong distribution network that spans amongst the crooks and corners the nation. The brand now plans to move forward into the industries of Artificial Intellegence and Machine Learning to help cater to a more meaningful and customised experience for its partners and customers.

But seeing such a revolutionary chnage in the span of such a small time and keeping up with the demands and fluctuations of time is truly a masterful key that Mr. Essa Merchant has gained access to, and he passes down these very same lessons, and an insightful journey through his eyes on his blog-site: EssaMerchant.com

Derek Robins

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