This Dog Has Teeth: The Bite That Changed My Life

This Dog Has Teeth: The Bite That Changed My Life

We often see stories of people rescuing stray dogs, taking care of them, and changing their lives for the better. Also, it’s not a secret for anyone how much dogs are attached to their owners, because they feed and walk them, as well as take care of them in general. At the same time, we read news about aggressive dogs that bite not only passers-by but also their owners, which is why most of these dogs end up in shelters.

This story is not only interesting but most importantly, special. It’s about an “aggressive dog” that bit his owner, becoming a turning point in his life. Anxious to find out more? Enjoy!

Louie Torres, CEO, and Founder of Unleashed Marketing dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur since childhood. He began his first steps to become familiar with the principles of selling Pokemon cards at the flea market, where his grandparents took him on weekends. As a young adult, Louie attended the University of Coastal Carolina where he earned a degree in finance, thus earning a solid foundation for his future goals. After college, he started working for a boutique brokerage firm on Wall Street. Dedicating his free time on learning the intricacies of paid social media marketing, he started his own company where he scaled multiple businesses to 7 figures. Those businesses included medical facilities, franchises, and e-commerce brands.

That’s not the whole story! In fact, the most important thing started after several successful years with his marketing agency and moving to Charlotte, North Carolina with his girlfriend Michelle. Michelle had a 10-year-old ferocious Chihuahua named Alfie, who had been living with her mom up until their move. When Alfie arrived he began to give them so many problems that they almost returned him back to her mom. One day Louie was walking with his angry little friend and Alfie wouldn’t stop barking. That is when Louie decided to take him in his arms to calm him down. Unfortunately Alfie didn’t like that and unexpectedly bit him. This incident led the owners to the logical decision to hire a dog trainer.

Strange as it may sound, this bite was pivotal for Louie. Thanks to the trainer, Louie was able to not only tame Alfie but also get acquainted with the dog training industry. Realizing that the marketing and business strategies used by trainers were completely out of date, he saw this as a huge opportunity. He decided to go ALL IN, severing ties with all his old clients, and rebranding his company.

This is how Unleashed Marketing was born, which has revolutionized the dog training industry and has already helped hundreds of clients in the US, Australia, Canada, and the UK. With experience and knowledge in business and marketing, Louie not only created a profitable company but was also able to create a unique system that connects disgruntled dog owners with dog training companies willing to help.

So, if you want to save your relationship with your dog and find a good trainer, or you want to take your dog training business to the next level, Louie and his team are here to help you.

Derek Robins

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