7 Guidelines While Choosing Men’s Belts for Optimum Impact

7 Guidelines While Choosing Men’s Belts for Optimum Impact

Belts are accessories worn for both function and style. It may seem like a small part in your overall look, but they can have a surprising impact on the impression you make. It can be a crucial piece that ties an outfit together, or it may become a distraction that destroys the effect. 

However, a lot of men don’t know much about the proper wearing of belts besides the fact that it should go around their waist. Know when to wear men’s casual belts. Also, get a heads up on how to buy a belt that is high-quality that fits you just right.

When to wear a casual leather belt

Wearing men’s casual beltsis one of the best ways to break up a look. During summer, you may want to wear a belt tucked into a T-shirt that is a subtle hark back to 80s style. Go for matte or brass buckles and choose a soft suede material instead of polished leather.

How to select a belt

  • Go for leather

When examining the quality of belts, both the material used and the manufacturing method are vital. Leather ages well and is stretch resistant. Because of this, full-grain leather is the best option for classic belts.

You may also want to check out the nubuck leather on the inner face, which has a silky texture and durable. Great details don’t always have to be visible.

  • Your feet matters

It is an important rule that your accessories have to match. Make sure that the colour of your shoes matches the belt. Moreover, the belt’s finish whether it is matte, patent, or suede should tie up your look.

  • Measure your height

When you want a classic look, the height of your belt should always be in the range between one and one and half inches. This measurement works well with any style of trouser and ensures that your belt isn’t too wide. 

  • The metals should match 

Although gold and brass material are both good finishes for a belt buckle, you may want to try a different material that matches other heavy metals you are wearing such as watches or cufflinks.

  • Work with what you have

Not one belt will be a match to every occasion. So you may want to consider the clothes in your wardrobe before purchasing. Formal belts are great for those who are constantly in suits while woven are great for casual settings and have optimum effect in relaxed looks.

  • Try other options

Leather may be the ultimate belt material, but it is not your only choice to hold your waistline. Check out twill and cotton and belts which can give you a more laid-back and personalized look especially in summer casual outfits. 

  • Size it

For the best fit, the tip of the belt should extend comfortably beyond the first belt loop but should stop halfway to the next one. Never use kitchen scissors to bore holes on your belt. 

When thinking about your belt size, you will find it shown in inches or centimetres. This number determines the dimension of the strap’s tour, which is the measurement from the buckle to the middle hole where it is secured. It forgives varying lengths of waist trousers and the changes that a waist undergoes especially during the holiday season. 


Your belt is vital to your sartorial success. Decide where you want to use your belt most often and choose the right style and material. Although leather is an excellent choice, other options can give you an innovative, stylish and youthful look.

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