5 tips for start a 8-figure brand – with Frankie Quiroz

5 tips for start a 8-figure brand – with Frankie Quiroz

What personality traits have made me successful?

I believe that many factors come into place but having an entrepreneur intuition has cultivated me in being successful. It has brought me to many paces in my life and my ability to understand entrepreneurship has formed my personality trait.

How do you manage obstacles in your everyday life?

The secret is knowing that these obstacles aren’t there to stop you. They are designed to push you to your limits so you keep improving your craft, your product, and your brand so you can come out on top.

How do you build an 8-figure brand?

The idea is to enjoy the process more than the outcome itself. Love the journey more than the destination, and the learnings that you get along the way make you a better person in terms of your knowledge about your brand and your efficiency.

How has empowering others in your journey been important to your success?

At a young age I knew that that I had a professional guidance for others, so I would empower others and help them achieve greater success than myself. This has helped me tremendously because it reassures that what I am doing has help not only me but in the process of my mass success it has also helped others achieve their success.

How do you maximize your profits in the E-commerce world?

The more you study your market, understand how it works, and what they’re expecting, the more you will be able to make the right decisions that will increase your profits. Also, the importance of marketing can’t be stressed enough, as more visibility and exposure always contribute to more business opportunities.

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