4 Reasons to Whiten Your Teeth with A Dentist Than A DIY Solution

4 Reasons to Whiten Your Teeth with A Dentist Than A DIY Solution

Regular oral cleaning and check-up are the most common routine when one visits a dentist. But, sometimes, healthy and clean teeth aren’t enough. All of us want to achieve a perfect smile; thus, teeth whitening is very popular. Australians, in particular, are very fond of whitening their teeth.

Teeth whitening is the top cosmetic dentistry procedure Australians love, followed by veneers and Invisalign braces. The bad news is, more than 50% of Australians prefer to whiten their teeth at home using over-the-counter products/kits. In contrast, only 6% of Aussies whiten their teeth with a dentist. 

It is alarming that these DIY teeth whitening products/kits can cause more harm than good. Partly blamed for this trend is the strong influence of social media influencers and celebrities that promote these products. 

Dentists all over Australia already warned the public about the consequences of DIY teeth whitening. Although there are no exact numbers yet, Australian dentists have already recorded an alarming rate of people coming in with gum ulcers and burns due to DIY whitening products. 

Although not all are harmful, many of these products require supervision from dentists for proper application. Charcoal whitening products, for instance, is a very popular whitening product for many young Aussies. However, it has been found to cause abrasion and can damage the protective enamel of our teeth. 

With that in mind, the Australian Dental Association (ADA) strongly recommends the public consult a dentist, particularly a cosmetic dentist, regarding teeth whitening. 

There are 2,900 dentists in New South Wales alone, with most of them offering different cosmetic dentistry services. The number of dentists specializing in cosmetic dentistry sydney is widely available.

To further convince you to get rid of those DIY teeth whitening kits, here are some noteworthy benefits you can only enjoy from cosmetic dentists. 

1. Long-lasting Effects

DIY products are designed to provide you temporary effects. Cosmetic dentistry, meanwhile, offers a long-lasting solution to your dental problems. Cosmetic industry treatments and procedures can last years, including teeth whitening. If you want to maintain a wonderful smile, it’s better to consult and have it worked with a cosmetic dentist. 

2. Cost-Effective

Let’s admit it, cosmetic dentistry procedures and treatments are quite pricey. However, like what is mentioned above, most of the benefits you receive are long-lasting. Your DIY whitening kits are pale in comparison to what wonders dentists can do to your oral health. With DIY whitening kits, you’re required to purchase regularly for maintenance, whereas you made it done with a cosmetic dentist, you’re only required to make 1-2 visits every year. You can save more money in the longer run. Also, using DIY whitening kits can damage your teeth, which costs you even more money for treatment. 

3. Very Short Recovery Time

With regards to other procedures, cosmetic dentistry only requires a very short recovery time. The procedures and treatments are also less painful because of the application of anesthesia. There’s nothing to worry about going under the knife if you’re planning to align your teeth or correct your jaw protrusion with a cosmetic dentist. 

4. Guaranteed Safe

Cosmetic dentists put their reputation on the line whenever they do their procedures and treatments. None of them wants to risk the years they’ve sacrificed to earn a dentistry license. Also, the Australian Government’s Department of Health has imposed stringent laws for the dentistry sector to ensure the public’s safety. The cosmetic dentistry sydney has strictly following the Dental Practice Regulation 2004 of the NSW Parliamentary Counsel. The law focuses mainly on the protection of consumers. 


A wonderful smile is a guaranteed confidence booster, but it can be ruined if you rely on non-experts’ advice and DIY solutions. To protect your dental health, always consult your dentist because they have lots to offer other than making your smile perfect.

Maria Williams

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