3 Entrepreneurship Lessons From Award-Winning Entrepreneur Manny Garcia

3 Entrepreneurship Lessons From Award-Winning Entrepreneur Manny Garcia

Starting a business is difficult, but what many entrepreneurs realize later is that building, sustaining, and scaling your business is equally complicated. Growing businesses face a range of challenges due to the ever-evolving nature of the problems and opportunities which demand unique solutions. Changes in market trends also mean what solution worked a year ago may not be viable in the current scenario. According to serial entrepreneur Manny Garcia, “Every entrepreneur desires to grow their business and the desire to scale is exciting as well as nerve wrecking because of the many factors involved. Recognizing and overcoming them is crucial if your business is to continue to scale and flourish.”

Garcia co-founded multiple 8 figure brands and businesses in the fashion, automobile and real estate industries with multiple retail stores. Speaking of launching his first business and consequent challenges, he recalls times where he struggled financially, which ignited the burning desire to elevate his status by striving to become successful. He says, “I was motivated by my poor conditions to dream big and create a vision for a better future. My determination and go-getter attitude helped me establish my first business in the automobile industry in 2009 despite the economic recession, zero financial resources, no college degree and being Hispanic in the US.”

Garcia’s strong work ethic, astute mind and resilience were crucial factors in his business achieving success. Soon, Garcia launched and scaled other businesses. Discussing the strategies he employed to grow and overcome challenges, Garcia shares, “The most effective strategy that helped me tremendously was anticipating the problems that could transpire during the growth phase and planning for them in advance. Additionally, I researched and kept abreast of the market trends and continued to update myself to stay ahead of the curve to significantly scale my businesses.

Also, I embraced a positive and progressive mindset, developed time management skills, streamlined processes, made wise investments, and hired high-performing employees who share the same spirit and ambition as me.”

Garcia’s success has influenced many entrepreneurs and start-ups to implement his outlook and strategies to scale their brands and businesses.

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