YouTube’s most recent experimental feature lets you zoom in on videos

YouTube’s most recent experimental feature lets you zoom in on videos

YouTube is testing a new mobile app feature with premium subscribers permits them to focus in on any video. The most recent opt-in experimental feature enables a pinch-to-zoom gesture for videos — and it works both in portrait and full-screen landscape view.

As per the organization, the zoom feature will stay in testing until September 1st, giving YouTube about a month to assemble user feedback and refine things before possibly carrying it out more broadly.

To enable pinch to zoom, open YouTube’s settings menu either on your phone or from the site. However long you’re bought into YouTube Premium, there ought to be a “try new features” section. At the present time, the main component accessible for testing is the zoom capability. It appears there may be a postponement between selecting in to the test and really having the option to utilize the squeeze motion, as I couldn’t zoom in nearer on any videos immediately after toggling it on. In any case, when it’s active, you ought to have the option to zoom in at up to 8x.

There are as of now ways of zoom in on YouTube’s substance with different accessibility functions on Android and iOS, and clearly it’s exceptionally simple to do as such in a desktop browser. In any case, having it as an optional native feature in the mobile application is even more helpful. Last month, YouTube at long last conveyed picture-in-picture mode for iPhone and iPad after first testing it among premium clients; that colossally valuable feature has for quite some time been accessible on Android.

Raeesa Sayyad

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