Youth sensation Karen Yurani Lopez shares how she retains followers on Instagram

Youth sensation Karen Yurani Lopez shares how she retains followers on Instagram

We have all seen Karen Yurani Lopez Guerrero emerge as a successful social media influencer for the past few years. Given the importance of the follower in an influencer’s success, Karen Mucci is now spilling the beans on her follower retention strategy. Starting her journey four years ago, she now has 1.9 million followers on her Instagram page, @karenmuccireal.

Karen Yurani Lopez talks about optimising the Instagram profile just like the homepage of a website. “Believe it or not, but the viewers pick up every minute detail from your profile. So mention every word that precisely expresses your individuality. Leave traces of your other social media channels as well. Let them discover a bit more about you, ” said Karen Mucci.

Being real is the next ideology that Karen Yurani Lopez focuses on as a social media influencer. Regardless of the countless applause given to the social world, people here are often assumed to be false or fabricated. Commenting on this, Karen Mucci asserted, “Go filterless! Talk to your supporters through videos or by going live. Express yourself by answering their questions. Remember, honesty shines brighter than the sun, so if you are playing a fake, you will be doomed later.”

Furthermore, Karen Yurani Lopez also discussed following some Instagram tactics like not standing on the pillars of fake followers, using hashtags to maximise the reach and get more supporters, posting content according to the followers’ wants, and being consistent. Karen Mucci has always been consistent with her posts. Moreover, she has always been considerate about what her fans wanted from her and has successfully bestowed that.

With her stunning and salacious post, Karen Yurani Lopez has enticed a myriad of people. Her body curves are appreciated by people all around the globe. She has also been collaborating with the brand Doll Skill, which is a portal for online shopping. We know that the best is yet to come, and thus we hope the best for Karen Mucci.

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