Young Actor, Jordan Nancarrow, is Making His Way to the Top of the Film Industry

Young Actor, Jordan Nancarrow, is Making His Way to the Top of the Film Industry

24-year-old actor, Jordan Nancarrow, has been making his way to the top of the film industry, and here’s how.

Born and raised in Kent, Washington, Jordan Nancarrow is a young actor who is constantly working hard to build his name in the industry. Nancarrow starred in the commercials of Amazon Alexa and T-Mobile. Additionally, he is the face of Seattle’s Gameworks Arcade.

Working hard on and off camera, Nancarrow has been working with Microsoft as a motivational speaker in London and Florida.

Jordan Nancarrow has been constantly providing advice and guidance to the new generation of actors. Nancarrow firmly believes that an actor should start small, in their region, and then make their way to the top, such as Los Angeles.

“If you continue improving, and you continue getting yourself in front of people who matter and building relationships with them, you will eventually succeed,” says in-demand editor Zack Arnold.

It’s all about the relationships you build with people that truly help get you where you want to be. Nancarrow believes that you learn more along the way if you’re able to lower your expectations.

There will be obstacles along the way no matter what, but if you truly believe in something you love, you can achieve anything you want. Furthermore, Jordan Nancarrow is a constant reminder of the hard work it takes to become a successful actor in the film industry.

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