Worldwide designer Fjolla Nila: From ash to diamond

Worldwide designer Fjolla Nila: From ash to diamond

The world of fashion, while seems extremely glamourous, is tough to penetrate for new designers. There are very few fashion designers who do not just manage to get into the fashion industry but also get recognised internationally for their talent and hard work.

One such international fashion brand is FN. The fashion design label, FN, lays a special focus on portraying a powerful, unique and avant-garde woman that reflects a blend of strength and fragility of a female figure.

Fjolla Nila and Jona Nila are the two designers behind the FN brand who constantly work towards highlighting the individuality of their clients.

Through their extraordinary work and experience in the field of fashion, FN manages to bring women to the centre of attention in every attire. FN doesn’t just give women a fairytale in their clothing but also ensures that women feel glamorous in the clothes they wear. FN adds a touch of modern elements to their clothing.

FN is a brand that is created by those who have a special love and passion for fashion. FN uses unique post-modern details and integrates it with delicacy and passion, hence creating something different and highlighting beauty, class and elegance in every product.

FN has launched multitudes of collections and varieties over the past few years. Some of their best collections are Jonabyfjollanila, Scot, Rebelde, SoS and Shot, and Togalove. Their recent collection Togalove will be covering and revealing the most material body parts in a treatable, modern and sexy way while not looking vulgar at all.

The collections by FN are designed by combining various elements so that the final product reflects the personality, beauty, energy and intellect of the women that carry these clothes along with making them feel comfortable and unique.

Fjolla Nila and Jona Nila, two immensely talented designers, consistently strive toward creating new trends in the fashion industry. They design clothes keeping the unique identity of every woman in focus. The duo motivates their team to be more creative and break barriers and stand above various taboos. They always stay loyal to their clients and stand by them in their special moments.

With their originality, they have managed to conquer the hearts of many international celebrities and continue to win hearts by their glamorous collection.

Fjolla Nila, 34, was born in Peja in a family that had immense love for art and music. From a very early age, Fjolla had an inexplicable love and interest in the world of art and beauty. She expressed her passion for colours through drawing and painting.

In 2011, after finishing college, Fjolla opened her first fashion studio which soon turned into an international brand. After working tirelessly and facing many challenges, Fjolla launched her first clothing and veil collection in 2012.

In 2017, Fjolla launched her unique collection “Chapter One” and also “FN Wedding Dresses”.

In 2018, Fjolla made her first collaboration with Endrit Mertiri “Haute Couture”.

In 2019, along with her eight collection, Fjolla was recognised worldwide after she freshly curated and designed a dress for Miss World Aishwarya Rai.

Fjolla launched “Spring/summer haute-couture 2019” in Rome, as her first step to taking on Europe.

In 2021, Fjolla’s energy and unique creations grabbed a collaboration with Dilara in Dubai and Bianca Ingrosso.

Fjolla says, “Dream BIG! Dare to dream! Only with work, originality, passion and consistency can you realize your dreams! Work and never give up on obstacles and challenges! You shall love and motivate others!”

Rakhi Kale

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