Work More Safely with Loading Platforms

Work More Safely with Loading Platforms

Where there are people, there are buildings. Sydney has the greatest population in the country of Australia and it is also an embodiment of a concrete jungle, and that jungle will continue to grow. In 2018, New South Wales launched its largest infrastructure program in Australia. The state allocated about A $80 billion on new economic infrastructure until 2022. As the economic capital is not only the state but arguably the whole country, Sydney will receive much of the funding. Such projects will not only shorten the commuting time within the city, but they will also make social infrastructures like schools and hospitals more accessible.

Thus, the construction sector of Sydney is and will be growing. The Australian Bureau of Statistics stated that between February and September 2020, there were over 22,500 building approvals in the greater Sydney area. However, although construction is a leading industry in not only Sydney but also the whole country, it is also one among the most hazardous. The higher the construction project, the higher the risks. Thus, when you have a high-rise construction project, you may need the Loading Platforms Sydney has.

Risks of Construction

Preliminary estimates indicate that 18 construction workers were fatally injured in 2019. This number rose to 27 as of 19 November 2020. The incidents may not seem many compared with deaths due to diseases, but just imagine what happens when one fatal incident occurs. Of course, that would be a grievous day. 

It is a situation that many will not wish on anyone. Beyond the grief, also imagine the fiasco that occurs. As a start, the whole construction project must freeze. You will have to deal with the police and their investigation. You will also have to deal with the press. Having a casualty isn’t good PR. You will also have to lay off your workers. All the time and planning will be compromised. 

Among the top accidents that occur in a construction site are falls from heights and getting hit by falling objects. Both are all too real when your workers are raising heavy equipment using a loading platform. For such important and risky tasks, you will need the reliable Loading Platforms Sydney offers.

Loading Platforms

Loading platforms have become imperative equipment for high-rise or multi-storey construction projects. For these projects, workers will always have to move heavy equipment or materials from one level to another. Cranes do the heavy lifting. However, cranes are positioned outside of the structure itself, usually to the sides. Thus, when crane operators bring the materials to the correct level, they can only do so at the sides of the structure. The next step is to get the materials inside, and this situation is where the Loading Platforms Sydney offers come in handy. 

These platforms extend or protrude out the sides of the structure. When you look at a construction project from the side, the loading platforms can appear like a diving board (except no one dives jumps off from them). Thus, they act like a stage or a “platform” on which the materials can be brought down. Likewise, workers can also place materials on the loading platform for crane operators to pick up.

If you have a construction project with several levels, you will likely need a loading platform. It will keep your workers safe and also make their jobs more efficient.

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