Wisdom is Greater than Weapons of War by Wycliffe Tyson

Wisdom is Greater than Weapons of War by Wycliffe Tyson

“Wisdom is greater than weapons of war”, as quoted by Wycliffe Tyson born on the island of Nevis in the West Indies. This inspirational speaker is a passionate poetry writer and powerful prayer warrior. Since 2013 he has made it his mission to establish a platform of ministry in walks as a servant of God, to praise God’s undaunted truth so that it never fades away on his watch upon this earth. He is a military veteran who has traveled the world to inspire others and seeks to give strength to the weak to keep going and pushing through hardships. His “Seas of tranquility”  prayers with music is Available on Spotify and all streaming platforms. It will undoubtedly bring transparency, transformation, and true healing into the lives of many that are broken, lost, and afraid of seeking true healing. Check out his latest book on Amazon. “Saint Wycliffe of Miami Classic” and also his new release “Saint Wycliffe of Miami Quotations”

Saint Wycliffe of Miami Classic

Saint Wycliffe of Miami Quotations

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