Why You Need to Know About Penetration Testing and How It Will Affect Your Business

Why You Need to Know About Penetration Testing and How It Will Affect Your Business

When you want a secure business, the first step you take is to inquire about a security system that fits your needs. However, you do not usually know what you need and what the threats against your business are. You can be a victim of data breaches, hacking, data theft, phishing, and many more. For you to know what exactly threatens your business, penetration testing is the answer. With this type of testing, you can understand what cybercriminals can exploit concerning your company.

What Is Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing or pen-test is a pretend attack against your security system. This way, you can see if your current system protects you. Suppose you already have a security system in place, but you remain susceptible to different threats online, you have to get an upgrade or look for a better company providing security.

If you have no security system yet, your computer system will be the pen-test subject. Here, you will know what your business’ possible vulnerabilities are so you can properly address them.

What Is Penetration Testing For?

Pen-test is essential in any business type that has most of its data stored online, on their computer system, or in the cloud. Such businesses are then very susceptible to cyber-attacks. A cyber-attack means anyone can hack into your system and get your valuable data. If this happens, you are sure to suffer from losses.

The pen-test affects your business in many positive ways. The main benefit is that you can detect something before you even get exposed to it. Although it is impossible to be a hundred per cent secure from cyber-attacks, pen-testing can let you understand what your security system is lacking or what type of security you need for your business.

How Is This Testing Done?

The company that offers penetration testing services would use the same techniques that hackers are using. Through this process, they could help you identify your weak spots. If you know which areas in your business are susceptible to threats, you can set up more defences against these threats through pen-testing. Experts will be handling this matter, so you are sure that all your data, documents, and information are in safe hands.

After the penetration testing, you will receive the necessary information regarding the issues that threaten your business. The company will give you a ranking of the present problems, and you will also get an outline of the resolution on these risks. Since there are already recommendations, you can either follow them or ask another expert in charge of your security system to double-check which method would best prevent cyber-attacks.

The pen tests can last for a week. But sometimes, it could take a longer time. The reason for this is because it would depend on how vast your computer system is, how complicated it is, and how many applications and systems there are to check. 

Penetration testing can be beneficial to your business if you do it the right way. It does not mean that you and your business are already safe from online threats once you undergo such testing the first time. That is not the case because you still have to undergo multiple and regular pen tests as time goes by. People who hack and create cyber-attacks always develop new ways to breach systems and cause trouble for many companies. You have to keep up with the changing types and be prepared for whatever kind of attack comes your way.

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