Why Cybersex? The New Age of Intimacy

Why Cybersex? The New Age of Intimacy

The beautiful thing about intimacy is that there isn’t just one way to show it.

It is a feeling, a practice, and an emotion that can be felt and expressed regardless of the distance. There is one particular way people are indulging in and channeling their intimacy and exploring their deepest and truest selves.

It is a form of intimacy; you can also give it a good go by clicking on a separate tab simultaneously with the article you are reading.

But, hey, wait to click off. Excited, are we? You’re going to want to stick around. 

Let’s delve into the world of cybersex and understand the allure behind it.

Distance Doesn’t Matter

They say, “Long-distance relationships don’t work,” well, they didn’t say long-distance sex, did they? Of course, it isn’t the same thing by a long shot. But when you’re in the mood and have the perfect partner on the other screen, distance doesn’t matter.

With sex, there is a notion of anxiousness: “What if I’m not good?” “Will they like how I look? ” and “I hope I don’t make a weird noise.” With cybersex, you are given room to breathe and compose yourself. You can control the situation without the fear of messing up. Subsequently, as a result, you can tap into your most sexual self, which leads to some rather exciting situations on a video call.

Oh, and no STDs or pregnancy tests are a plus, too.

Explore Your Fantasies

When we say, “Cybersex allows you to be your most sexual self,” that is not an exaggeration. Couples can genuinely let themselves loose and do the one thing that has the power to elevate their sex lives more than any pill would… are you ready?

It’s called “communication.”

Cybersex allows you to honestly tell what goes on in your mind, heart, and, of course, your body. Your desires, likes, and dislikes, particularly the fantasies you were hell-bent on making sure they’d die with you. Think about it; imagine all the fun you’re missing out on just because of the fear of judgment when you never know your partner might be all into it, too!

Self Confidence

People talk about that post-sex glow. Of course, it’s partly because you feel like you’re floating, relieved of all the stress, but there’s more to it. According to the University of Texas, frequent sex contributes to your sense of self-confidence positively. When you become the reason for someone to open up and share their true selves with you, you feel wanted. Subsequently, when you express your deepest, darkest fantasies, you finally own your true selves, which triggers a liberating feeling.

Cybersex allows you to practice creative ways to instigate sex, explore, experiment, seduce, and tap into that sexy side of you.

Speaking of creative arts of seduction, perhaps you should refer to our exotic goddess from Bristol Wedgewood’s book, Confessions of a Cyber Girl: Volume 4. The book features Vantessa, a cybergirl teetering on a tightrope between her vanilla lifestyle as a school teacher and as an erotic goddess.

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Derek Robins

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