WhatsApp Introduces Long-Overdue Formatting Capabilities to Help Organize Disorganized Texts

WhatsApp Introduces Long-Overdue Formatting Capabilities to Help Organize Disorganized Texts

To assist you in managing those lengthy text walls in group discussions, WhatsApp is releasing a number of new formatting features.

Entering a specific punctuation mark, a space, and then the words themselves will cause one of the new text formats to activate. You can make a list of bullets by using hyphens. A numbered list is established by following a numeral with a period. Even better, users can create block quotations by typing a space after the Greater Than arrow on the keyboard. You must press the accent symbol, which is typically located beneath the Esc key on keyboards, followed by a single space to create inline code. The messages you input will be formatted according to your preferences provided everything is entered correctly. If not, all you’ll see is a collection of haphazard punctuation.

Eight options are available to users to enhance their chats on the platform, including options to add bold, italic, strikethrough, and monospace, which were available years ago.

More Specifics

On social media and in a WhatsApp notification, Meta revealed the upgrade; however, some of the specifics were left out. TechCrunch claims that the functionalities are available on the platform’s Channels in addition to in one-on-one chat rooms. The tools can be accessed through web browsers, Mac, iOS, and Android versions of WhatsApp. Remember that the patch is still being distributed, so there’s a chance your smartphone might not have it. didn’t receive it on Android, but fortunately, the web version is live right now.

Upon closer inspection, you’ll see that the Windows desktop app was left out. This is due to the Windows version’s lack of these functionalities for whatever reason. Taking into account that this upgrade has been in the works since August 2023, it’s a really odd omission. One would assume that Meta would have introduced it on PC by then.

Sanchita Patil

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