What’s New? With NFTs, Metaverses & The Future of the Advertising World

What’s New? With NFTs, Metaverses & The Future of the Advertising World

Hey, are you also looking for what’s new and trending in the digital world? Well, you landed on the perfect site because we are here to tell you the upcoming project that will give a boom to the world of Digital Advertising. We will notify you about what’s crazy going on in the world that you are probably unaware of. No, this is NOT a paid review; you will soon know why. We made this article to give information about the revolutions and evolutions around you. And we will keep doing this because we are all about the advancements and new (unique) projects. We are here to discuss something thriving for the world of Digital Advertisement, Metaverse Avenue. A whole new idea, and it is a real new beginning.

Metaverse Avenue is an advertising platform. That allows you to advertise on the Billboard by using blocks. Do not worry; we will tell you everything about it that if not now, you would want to know about it later. But we suggest looking on the website after reading the article, so you will see that we are not just bluffing. Metaverse Avenue is the First-ever NFT based advertising Metaverse. As we said earlier, it is a brand new idea, a brilliant one we must add. An idea of digital advertising on the Billboard. Like a real-life city full of Billboards. We are going to have a Metaverse full of billboards with Metaverse Avenue.

You might be wondering How it is going to work?

It works pretty simply, so this is not something you would want to waste your time thinking. Rather have a look at all the benefits it has. But okay! for you, we will tell you how it works. You will only have to mint for getting blocks on the Billboard. That’s it; you are done. The more blocks you have, the more you will be in the limelight. It depends totally on how many blocks you want and what size you wish to. Besides, it is pretty evident that the bigger the blocks’ scope, the more it will draw attention towards itself. Or you can have several blocks, so it will be a billboard full of your blocks and your creativity.

They have Four sizes of blocks; Standard, Premium, Super, and To the Moon. The size details are all available on their website; you can click the link here to check out their website, Metaverse Avenue.
You can put up the photos on these blocks, more specifically, profile photos (PFP) format and websites. If you have a brand, Nft, Product, or even if you are:

A social media figure.

A content creator.

Blogger, whatsoever you can advertise anything on this platform.

Not just this, but you can also earn Passive Income along with advertising on Metaverse Avenue. For instance, if there is no vacant space on the billboard, you can resell your NFT and benefit from that. You can rent your blocks to other people, where only you and the advertiser will decide the cost for renting a block; here, Metaverse Avenue will only be the guarantor between you and the advertiser.

Seriously where were we living before this? A digital advertising metaverse with no billboards sounds absurd to us now. They have brought significant advancement in the advertising world.


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