What Does Calvin Kome Do?

What Does Calvin Kome Do?

It’s not always that a tough life makes you bitter, sometimes it makes you better.

Calvin Ngabe Kome, a support worker, in a medium secure Mental health hospital in UK, is a living example of the same. 

Calvin grew up watching his single mom struggling to make ends meet while providing for a family of 15 including relatives. He started working right from the tender age of 12 to be able to afford something as basic as clothes. 

The lingering doubt that he will have his next meal or not, made Calvin grateful for every morsel on his plate. 

The twist here is that witnessing such misery and hardship made Calvin more hopeful to bring about a positive change not only in his life but also in the life of people around him. 

And this same zeal to help people led him to work in care facilities for over 4 years including care homes for about 2 years. The whole experience made him realized how much happiness and satisfaction his job gave him. 

But he also knew that feeling better about oneself had more to Do with one’s mental health than physical. 

Calvin thus decided to make a career In mental health which according to him, helps him to empower people and .find their voices. 

Calvin has led a team of 70 volunteers for UNICEF mobilizations and polio vaccination project which successfully benefited over 5000 kids. 

Sharing the ambitious nature of his mom, who had to leave him at a young age to work at a better job in Europe to be able to afford his education and three meals a day, Calvin didn’t let all her sacrifices go to waste and is on his way to make his mother proud. 

Calvin is a business management graduate and has plans to invest in Africa’s farming sector.

He sternly believes that you don’t have to be rich to help the people in need, all you need is the will in your heart and the fire in your belly.

Being an advocate of maintaining strong mental health which of course is the need of the hour, Calvin plans to help as many as possible to feel better and stronger as individuals. Mental health needs to be taken more seriously worldwide.

If we keep questioning every bad thing that happens to us in our life, it will only pull us further down, but what if we take those struggles and make them our strengths and use them as our armour to make others’ life better than before. 

Calvin is one of those who did that and is on his way to make this world a better place.

Socials Instagram:- https://www.instagram.com/calvin_wills

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