What are tear-through fillers? Word to the expert, with Dr. Ahmed El Muntasar

What are tear-through fillers? Word to the expert, with Dr. Ahmed El Muntasar

Dr. Ahmed El Muntasar has recently spoken highly about tear-through fillers, and it is not surprising to hear that a prominent expert in the industry considers this procedure one of the most promising new trends for 2020! First things first – what are tear-through fillers? Essentially these fillers allow the space around the eyes to become more plump and youthful.

This is a fantastic way to prevent issues such as sagging skin, as well as the annoying “bags” under the eyes, as someone usually calls those black circles that plague so many people’s aesthetics.

The best part of this project, for many people, is the fact that it is not particularly challenging or time-consuming. It doesn’t only provide immediate results, but it also showcases effects essentially immediately. In other words, this procedure is extremely safe and effective, providing the results that customers expect, without the need to waste any time at all. The procedure is becoming increasingly popular, with many fans in love with its possibilities.

Dr. Ahmed El Muntasar is known to recommend this procedure to people who do not want any downtime and don’t want to take any days off of their work. He actually worked with well-loved celebrities, such as Harley Brash, Joanna Kutcha, and even Maja Malnar, only to mention but a few. Strongly believing in the full potential of this amazing procedure, Dr. Ahmed keeps offering his services and expertise to people from all walks of life.

If you are interested in beauty and wellness, do not miss out on his expertise and insight! If you want to learn more, you can actually check out Dr. Ahmed El Muntasar’s feed on Instagram, always updated with some exciting news and great content.


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