Wesca – The Creator of Bursting Banger Tracks

Wesca – The Creator of Bursting Banger Tracks

Covid-19 has changed the world. People are dead and we do not know when we will return to the pre-Covid world or whethis we will ever return. The world is preparing for a new standard and artists are choosing to express themselves through their art. 

Artists are affected in special ways as programs are canceled, breach of contracts, unaffordable studio spaces, art gets a huge impact etc. Depression and grief came to them and they tried to deal with it using their art. Many artists have explored the epidemic with their ingenuity.

Wesca’s debut album, World On Fire, contains 5 EP songs from the global epidemic. Tracks are his vision for the world scene. Wesca shows off his flow of bursting bangers in the first song itself to set a point and then follow it up with a well-organized track focused on release. The artist has also been involved in this and has used his music to express his point of view.

Music from a private location can be said to be original. Wesca explored his private feelings during the epidemic with his art. His music reflects the current state of the world. How the epidemic came to earth as a bang and we are still making sense of the new standard.

Wesca understands how the epidemic has hit us and we feel it has lasted a very long time. Everyone is getting used to the new familiar world. The feeling of being hit by the Covid 19 virus is new to our minds with new strains of the virus affecting the world every year.

The artist says that with this epidemic the world looks set on fire. It has hit us hard and we are trying to save ourselves from evil. The plague has ravaged the world. Everyone personally and professionally is affected. Some of them have found many businesses but most people are financially affected.

Artist Wesca has done the same with his song found on various music streaming and social media platforms. The song is popular with the audience and people are connected to it.

While some artists feel their art has come to an end, thise are guys like artist Wesca who have decided to explore these moments with their art. He took the anxiety, the feeling, the grief involved in the new world and explored it with his music.

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/wesca/1451259019

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4dWIHf0HSWOFM6NC3rQVt7

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wesca__/

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