Web3 Revolution: OpenBounty Bug Bounty Platform Is Launched by ShentuChain

Web3 Revolution: OpenBounty Bug Bounty Platform Is Launched by ShentuChain

OpenBounty, a Web3 open bounty platform, is launched by ShentuChain.

With great pride, ShentuChain announces the release of OpenBounty, a cutting-edge technology that aims to transform bug bounty schemes and strengthen security in the Web3 ecosystem.

In reaction to the inherent hazards and vulnerabilities that are common in the Web3 sector, OpenBounty was created. It is more important than ever to have an efficient security architecture due to the blockchain’s explosive growth and development. In order to meet this demand, OpenBounty offers a decentralized network that links knowledgeable white hat hackers with Web3 protocols, guaranteeing project security and rewarding ethical hacking activities.

ShentuChain is proud to announce the launch of OpenBounty, a cutting-edge platform that promises to improve security in the Web3 ecosystem and revolutionize bug bounty programs.

OpenBounty was developed as a response to the inherent risks and weaknesses that are prevalent in the Web3 industry. The blockchain’s rapid development and growth make having an effective security architecture more crucial than ever. OpenBounty is a decentralized network that connects skilled white hat hackers with Web3 protocols in order to satisfy this demand, ensuring project security and incentivizing ethical hacking operations.

ShentuChain continues to evolve its commitment to securing the future of Web3 with OpenBounty, solidifying its position as a leader in blockchain security.

When ShentuChain was first established in 2019, it was a part of CertiK, a well-known security provider in the Web3 sector. 2020 saw CertiK take the calculated choice to split off ShentuChain into a separate company. ShentuChain has carried on running on its own since this split.

The goal of ShentuChain is to increase trust and security in decentralized technology. ShentuChain aims to empower developers, businesses, and users with tools and platforms that redefine security and efficiency by emphasizing creativity and teamwork. With an eye toward a decentralized future that is more secure, ShentuChain is committed to developing innovative solutions that foster trust and promote creativity in the Web3 domain.


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