WannerAarts on How His Background as YouTuber Helped HimTake His Digital Licensing Business to the Next Level

WannerAarts on How His Background as YouTuber Helped HimTake His Digital Licensing Business to the Next Level

Youtube can be a wonderful place for those hoping to share content and amass revenue but it can also be a treacherous terrain to navigate. Youtube has an intricate copyrighting system and those who are not familiar with it can be tripped up by its many hurdles. This is where WannerAart and his digital licensing company WannerDigital Mediacomes to the rescue. Based out of Amsterdam,Aart has quickly established himself as a digital media expert and his licensing company WannerDigital Media has become the go to company for assisting with Youtube copyright.

Since it launched in2018WannerDigital Media has provided clients with specialized knowledge of Youtube copyrighting. This nuanced understanding of a complicated system has helped the company to go from strength to strength. Through practical research and years of dedication to understanding the process,Aarts has made himself into the authority on Youtube’s copyright system. As a video sharing websiteYouTube has its own set of regulations that adhere to its license policy. Through WannerDigitalMedia,Aartwill help a client to decide which is the best licensing option for them. From the 10th of December 2019 YouTube began to roll out new updated terms of service. This sent brands and content creators into a tailspin,what was already a complicated process was now having further complications added to it. But it was during this time that Aart’s digital licensing company began to flourish and scale up. Holding specialized knowledge of Youtubecopyrighting,Aart was able to maneuver his company into the perfect position to provide essential copywriting assistance to anyone who needed it. Aart says of this timely success;“Youtube is like a living organism that is constantly evolving,and I was able to offer a view into how best to understand its fluid nature.”

Aart began his digital exploits in 2014, launching a channel that quickly amassed 350k subscribers. From there he ascended the ladder of success to reach the elevated level of owning his own business. In 2018 WannerDigital Media launched and became the leading digital marketing company for those navigating copywriting systems. WannerAart has proved that gaining indispensable knowledge on a niche service is the perfect way to become a large scale essential business.

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