MadeMan Skincare is Jeremy Gardner’s Gift to All Men Interested in Self-Enhancement

MadeMan Skincare is Jeremy Gardner’s Gift to All Men Interested in Self-Enhancement

The skincare space is flooded with an extensive variety of different brands, and a major portion only target the female population. Men’s skincare is something that has negative preconceptions attached to it, as being a man and using skincare products are not often synonymous. The large array of products and cumbersome regimens are often confusing to men, and this is a substantial reason for the lack of men’s skincare products on the market. Jeremy Gardner is a cryptocurrency wizard and serial entrepreneur, and he has made it his mission to make men’s skincare affordable, accessible, and most importantly, effective. He created MadeMan Skincare to simplify and facilitate the process for men, his simple two-step method is the perfect cure for entrepreneurs like himself, those who live a fast-paced life, and often don’t have the time to focus on their skin. Gardner wants to debunk the stigma associated with being a “manly-man”, and wants to spark a conversation about what it means to be a man in our mainstream world.

Gardner’s struggles with his own skincare gave rise to MadeMan, a gift to all men who share Gardner’s struggles of complying with complicated multi-step regimens, while living life in the fast lane. MadeMan’s skincare line is not burdensome, and has principles that are based on simplifying the process of skincare, as well as making it accessible and affordable. MadeMan is made from essential and world-class ingredients, all packed into into a two-step product. The Re(Set) Collection is a potent all-in-one moisturizer comprised of The ReSetter and The Refresher. The ReSetter is a face wash that doubles as a shaving cream. MadeMan offers a seamless way for men to begin using skincare products, making their face one of their best assets.

Gardner wants to help men enhance their appearance, becoming the best possible version of themselves. First impressions are key, and it is much easier to make a great first impression with a clean and glowing face. Gardner wants to absolve the industry of being female-centric, he also seeks to ignite a conversation about the way our society views masculinity, as well as redefine the skincare industry which primarily focuses on women. With MadeMan’s effective and cost-efficient product, it is just a matter of time until Garder accomplishes his mission.

MadeMan donates a share of the proceeds to Defy Ventures, a non-profit corporation that teaches entrepreneurial skills to incarcerated individuals. MadeMan has foundational values that are seen his products, as they are vegan, cruelty-free, “Made in America”, and B-Corp certified.

To learn more, please visit Website or their Instagram page- @MadeMan. To stay up to date with latest products, you can follow them on Twitter- @MadeMan.

Derek Robins

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