Vikrant Chauhan’s next short film Muntashir coming soon on OTT Platforms.

Vikrant Chauhan’s next short film Muntashir coming soon on OTT Platforms.

With cinema halls shut during pandemic-induced lockdown people turned to OTT platforms in a big way to watch some of the most outstanding cinema which may not have seen a theatrical release otherwise or garnered audience. With OTT coming in unlike earlier when a film was unable to get a theatrical release now, it offers them a platform for release.

Good content films and those with mid-size budgets that were earlier denied their due and could not get a release in theatres are now being recognized on the OTT platform.

Muntashir, the sixth short film of Vague Forever Entertainment, after screening in various Film Festivals, is now ready to release on OTT Platforms. The short film is going to be release on MX Player under the label of Kavish Records in association with Kavish Management & Production.

The story of the film routes around a common guy and his emotion which has been described in the film, the emotion which comes into one’s mind after he got betrayed in love. The story and direction has been done by Raja Saheb. Muntashir is his first short film as a director. Leading cast of the film are Vikrant Chauhan, GargiPriya& Shanti Priya. CInematography has been done by Abhishek Ranjan, Mayank Pal Singh &Ramashankar jointly. Editing has been jointly done by Ayush Kumar Dhan and Kushan Shah.

In an interview with the leading cast of the film Vikrant Chauhan shares his experience about the film, he said this film is very close to his heart. He tells us that, by this short film we are trying to send a strong message to all those who were betrayed in love and now thinking about suicide. He tells us that we are trying to convey a message that life doesn’t stop and keeps moving on. This film has been made under the banner of Vague Forever Entertainment and we are coming up with some more short films in future for cinema lovers.

We are wishing all the Very best to filmmakers of Muntashir for the success of the film.

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