Versatile Artist Deived Continues to Take The Music World By Storm With His Hit Single “Said Goodbye”

Versatile Artist Deived Continues to Take The Music World By Storm With His Hit Single “Said Goodbye”

Initially created back in 2010 with just an acoustic guitar and a broken heart, Said Goodbye has broken the spell and drawn towards becoming one of the most creative music debuts in the lucrative music business.

Recorded and released with a touch of ingenuity, the track by sensational artist DEIVED officially dropped to all media streaming platforms in November 2021. Said Goodbye was the first-ever song released by the talented artist, who was only trying to send out a message with a drop of his past experiences.

Inspired by the desire to move forward in life, the track features lyrics that encourage you to embrace your past while taking permission to move forward to even bigger and better things. Many people believe that the best way to get over someone is to truly revel in the sadness and sorrow until you can peacefully and healthily let it go. This might be a go-to strategy for such people, although we should acknowledge that it is always nice to have some music that will walk beside you through that heartbreak and make you feel like you are not alone.

Said Goodbye by DEIVED has been the ultimate companion for so many music lovers since it was released. Within the help of WMR Music Group and their marketing team for Spotify the hit single has moved from zero streams to a whooping 140K+ streams on Spotify. The WMR Music Group’s team has managed to successfully pitch his song and land over 90+ curated playlists. This success has sent the versatile artist DEIVED to over 58K monthly listeners on Spotify despite being still new and fresh in the music business. His unmatched display of talent is a true sign of a star in the making.


Hailing from Bayamon, Puerto Rico, singer, and songwriter DEIVED has had music as a passion since he was just a young lad. At the age of 14, he embarked on the journey to study music theory and specialized in the bass guitar at the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico.

Supported primarily by his late father, DEIVED found love for the different genres of music and songs outside the Puerto Rican sound when he was introduced to songs by English and Spanish artists, including; The Beatles, Hector Lavoe, Shakira, Tony Croato, and Pablo Milanes. This birthed a different style within the gifted artist as he discovered other bands like Blink 182 and The Killers that inspired him to develop the style of music that he does today. His recent release “Said Goodbye” is one of those songs he wrote back in 2010, even though he dropped it recently, and it still sounds as good as new. It’s true that DEIVED had to make a little bit of touch-up with the old lyrics of the song, but we must say; Old is still Gold!

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