DJK.O_ Is the Next Big Fashion Designer

DJK.O_ Is the Next Big Fashion Designer

DjK.O_ is an American Fashion Designer who got his start in the fashion industry in 2021.

DjK.O_ was born and raised in Chicago, IL. At a early age he was into music, Fashion, and Skateboarding.

We asked Djk.o_ , what part of your childhood played a factor in your interest in fashion?

“My dad & mom always wore clothes that were different than the people around them. Instead of wearing the big shirts and all white air forces my dad would wear a tight white shirt and Rebok classics. Instead of wearing a pelle leather jacket he would wear a racer jacket”

Djk.o_ also informed us that skateboarding was a big part of his interest in fashion. The skaters he looked up to took pride in what they wore. In skateboarding you’re judge not only about the tricks you performs but about your style. He started to wear skinny jeans and vans before it was popular. He would get mad fun of but he was confident because he took pride in being different than the people around him.

Fast forward to now, Djk.o_ started a clothing brand that has been successful, T3mple. He has worked with some of the NBA’s biggest stars such as Iman Shumpert and Ayo Dusmo, just to name a few.

Recently Djk.o_ was featured in the Hip Hop Magazine HipHop1987

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Twitter: DJKO__

Facebook: Ramon House

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