Vercetti: Vedant Rai’s Jewellery Line Is All Set to Expand in 2023                        

Vercetti: Vedant Rai’s Jewellery Line Is All Set to Expand in 2023                        

Jewellery is a wardrobe staple for almost everyone. Be it any aesthetic and style – jewellery is the key to tying any look together. And today’s generation is always up for experimenting! Mixing casual clothes with traditionals, adding colours to monochrome, elevating minimalist looks through statement necklaces. The sky’s the limit for today’s youth.

And Vercetti has become the one-stop destination for all things jewellery. Vercetti is a premium jewellery retailer and specialises in contemporary and vintage styles. Since its inception in 2020, Vercetti has delivered thousands of orders and has established itself as The Place where Indian fashionistas shop for jewellery.

Vercetti founder, Vedant Rai has always been ambitious and was determined to make a positive impact in people’s lives. And what better place to start than creating pieces that bring a smile to our faces everyday! He says, “If we take a look around us, we’ll notice how deeply connected we are to jewellery. A pair of earrings can hold such deep meaning to someone. A necklace can give you the confidence boost you need. Jewellery and fashion can pull together your style and your grand vision and can be your talisman. I wanted to create something that becomes a part of people’s lives and something they can make their own.”.

Rai’s vision has come to a sweet fruition. The happy testimonies of customers and the love for the brand on social media is apparent and  rivals the best marketing campaigns. People’s genuine appreciation for Vercetti and its authenticity has created quite a buzz and only grows stronger.

Starting a business in uncertain times of 2020 was a huge leap of faith but it has paid off handsomely. Today Vercetti has grown from its beginnings in Indore and delivers little packages of happiness all over the country. Rai also plans on introducing a line of silver jewellery in Vercetti ever growing collection of timeless designs.

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