Vedat Aktepe’s hair transplantation brand Bonita Hair Clinic has attained global recognition.

Vedat Aktepe’s hair transplantation brand Bonita Hair Clinic has attained global recognition.

The clinic is established in three different locations namely Belgium, Brussels and İstanbul.                                                                     

Keeping the hair in top condition is one of the most important things amongst people and a receding hairline is a major issue for most balding men who need to get assisted by experts who can fix their hair. Vedat Aktepe is one of the best professionals doing exceptionally well in this field as his Bonita Hair Clinic has emerged as one of the best in business having transformed the looks of many who were facing balding issues. This Turkey born professional is now operating from Brussels and has taken his brand to towering heights, having won three awards for their exceptional services.

Bonita Hair Clinic was founded in 2013 and has gained global clients within a few years of its launch. What’s interesting about their services is their cost which doesn’t pinch the pockets and their excellent customer centric approach which have made them top the space amongst all. Speaking about his brand Vedat says, “we are extremely delighted to offer our services which are at par with world standards at affordable costs to our global clients. Each of our treatments are customized according to our clients after thorough examinations of their hair, skin structure and face shape, which gives optimum results.”

Bonita Hair Clinic uses the latest technology and offers each treatment in a safe and sterile environment. Their regular follow ups also ensures that the treatment has given best results and the patients are in good health, a custom which has won the trust of many. They are known for their reliability and patients have immense trust in their treatments, the reason their clientele list is growing by the day. Bonita Hair Clinic has successfully carried out numerous hair, beard and eyebrow transplantations till date and their customers have given rave reviews about their experience at their clinics.

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