VDJ Mahe becomes the top YouTube influencer of the country

VDJ Mahe becomes the top YouTube influencer of the country

Today he has achieved a commendable position in the digital market world.

VDJ Mahe has worked on many official remixes and mashups. As an accomplished artist, he has worked with all top India DJs and has been a personal video maker for most of them from 2013 – 2020 presents. Delivering massive value to his clients has been the focus of his career for the past 7 years and One of the Best Visual Artist For Indian DJs.

VDJ Mahe an ace YouTuber and video editor his journey has not been an easy one having to face a number of hurdles but leaving no stone unturned VDJ Mahe had an aim and was on to complete it by any mean making him one of the top YouTuber in India.

YouTube content creation has always been a task to accomplish having tremendous competition in the market but the ones gaining excellence in this field would succeed.

A similar story is the one of “VDJ Mahe” who has aced the YouTube content creation by polishing his skills and nurturing them for something big.

VDJ Mahe today owns one of the top YouTube channels in India with 1.4 million-plus subscribers and 300+ million views on his channel making him a digital sensation. His content truly is the king of the digital market with maximum viewers generated.

Mh Mahe known as VDJ Mahe by profession name, is an independent DJ Music Producer, Video Editor, VDJ, and YouTuber who has gained over 1.4 million+ subscribers on YouTube. He has received the Silver Play Button Award from YouTube.

DVJ visual management team
In addition, he has established a DVJ visual management team with massive visuals in India DJ’S set! VDJ Mahe is into playing massive live whether it is BD, EDM, TECHNO, or Any, he does the best and the most exclusive visuals on the screens.

He is not only talented in production but also live, the ultimate crowd and their response is the best evidence for it! His super-talent of perfect visual timings is enough to impress the party crowd and give that immense feel of an international level VJ Set.

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