The Cancer Council Queensland revealed that traditional cigarettes claim ten innocent Queenslander lives every day, and stricter regulations are needed to avoid these premature deaths. On the other hand, E-cigarettes have gained quite the following in recent years.  

E-cigarettes have become an eye-opener for many Australians who tried and lost hope in quitting smoking; the Queensland government has banned the sale of nicotine vape liquids without prescription. Still, vaping liquids without nicotine and assorted flavours are available at any vape store in Brisbane and other cities. There are almost 3 million smokers in Australia; switching to E-cigarettes becomes a safer option for them and the people around them. They don’t contain harmful toxins such as tar and tobacco responsible for 21,000 deaths in Australia every year. The absence of these toxins also means no damage to passive smokers, so an individual can have their nicotine hit, with just a push of a button, while being around their friends and family.  

Vaping has and will always continue to be a safer alternative for Australians, especially for those considering the various means to quit smoking. The vaping kits provide complete flexibility to an individual, over their nicotine consumption, and Australians can slowly lower their nicotine dependency without experiencing any withdrawal symptoms. The vapour released from the vape kits is usually water and some additives, which goes easy on the lungs compared to the smoke released from a traditional cigarette. A recent study published by the NHS revealed that e-cigarettes are 90% safer than conventional cigarettes. The National Drug Household Survey also published a report stating that vaping played and is still playing a significant role in decreasing the smoking rates in Australia. 

The benefits of E-cigarettes do not end there. From a cosmetic viewpoint, an individual can now ease up on worrying about their stained teeth, sore gums, and aged skin. These effects are not immediate, but an individual can notice these positive effects after a while. No wonder Johnny Depp, Leonardo Di Caprio, and Samuel L. Jackson, and other notable celebrities have switched from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes. This switch from conventional cigarettes to vaping kits is already underway and continues to gain a stronger foothold against politicians through celebrity endorsement. Apart from the health and cosmetic benefits, owning a vaping kit tends to be financially and socially friendly for any vaper. Irrespective of the vaping kit’s initial cost, vaping tends to be a cheaper habit than buying cigarettes from stores in the long run, and vapers do not face any social stigma that usually accompanies a person who smokes conventional cigarettes. 

The key to happy vaping for an individual is always to have their preferred e-liquid flavour to satisfy their nicotine craving before it strikes, and this does not prove to be complicated. The number of e-liquids available continues to grow in the market, and vape stores in Brisbane have over 150 flavours ranging from Strawberries to Cappuccino to traditional tobacco flavour. With vaping, an individual can concentrate more on his social life and health, and E-cigarettes have already begun its quest to capture the nicotine market.

The Australian government will soon legalise the sale of nicotine cartridges, as stories have surfaced of individuals who smoked multiple packs of cigarettes a day and ended it overnight. Legalising them will be the right public health, moral and business decision to make; Vapers and vaping advocates will strive to provide millions of Australians the best decision they can make to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Andrew Roxburgh

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