Using investors’ money wrongfully, this man funded a luxury retreat for personal influencers

Using investors’ money wrongfully, this man funded a luxury retreat for personal influencers

Benjamin Morrison, a social media promotor, unlawfully used money funded by some investors for an exclusive getaway.

A closer look around us will help us notice that the world is not just filled with passionate beings who work their way up to the top but also is loaded with people who have been engaging in doing unlawful things and getting away with it. Many cases in the recent past came forward from across different parts of the world about defraud and embezzlement. One of such recent cases includes the misuse of money by a man named Benjamin Morrison, who wrongfully used investors’ money to fund a certain personal influencers exclusive getaway. He lied to his investors for funding this luxury retreat for a dozen of female social media influencers in Hamilton Island, Australia.

Benjamin Morrison is a social media promotor based out of Gold Coast, Australia. He defrauded investors in tens of thousands of dollars for a luxury retreat for influencers funded by these investors unknowingly. The people who enjoyed this exclusive getaway included Benjamin Morrison and several female social media influencers. The investors were hoodwinked into thinking that the trip as pitched by Benjamin Morrison was a luxurious weekend at the Whitsundays Islands, offering jet ski tours, complimentary alcohol, Michelin star rated dinners and exotic yachts. 

The investors were told that the trip would be an influencer meetup, where all those attending the same were to pay for their spot with packages starting at over $3,000. However, what really seemed from the outside was far from reality. Though the Instagram stories of Benjamin Morrison and the influencers showed exclusive pictures and videos of their luxury accommodations and activities, Benjamin Morrison had already made other plans for misusing the money.

Investors came to the forefront of this issue after wiring the funds to his company “Boss Media Empire”, where they were not informed about any flight plans or accommodations or the retreat address. After much investigation, it was found that Benjamin Morrison paid for the influencer’s fights and lodging. Investors tried to reach out to him, but they were blocked.

Benjamin Morrison built good relations with them initially by attending high-profile parties in Queensland, Australia, where he would attend elite social media gatherings, meet other attendees and line up for his next projects, but no one ever knew what exactly he did for work. That is how he tricked them. Now, the culprit has gone into hiding and has even disabled his Instagram account and ignored calls and emails. The female social media influencers also stated that the trip in several aspects seemed suspicious and while they asked him about the male influencers, Benjamin Morrison never gave them an actual answer.

We will wait for the story to unfold to gather more information about the man and advise others to always be aware of such wrongdoings.

Derek Robins

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