Urban Shelter Limited is Setting the Pace in The African Real Estate Sector

Urban Shelter Limited is Setting the Pace in The African Real Estate Sector

Over the years, Nigerians in the diaspora have continued to look for veritable means to invest back home. A lot of questions arise in forums for Africans in diaspora, but quite a number of industries experience wild fluctuations that there are no guarantees when investing in them. This also spikes scepticism from investors and at the moment, everyone is treading really carefully. One of the companies creating investment opportunities for Africans in the diaspora is Urban shelter. They are doing this great service by utilizing the low fluctuation rate of the real estate market.

Even though there are many investment options available, real estate is unarguably one of the most rewarding ventures in Nigeria. Investing in Real estate has overtime proven to be the only investment scarcely affected by inflation, economic downturn, stock market spike or dip, and so on. Nigerian in diaspora have since turned to real estate as a viable option to have not only a bond to the motherland, but a viable stream of extra income.

It would also seem that when the returns on investments are computed, investing in real estate in Africa offers more returns than in other parts of the world. The reason is not far-fetched. High exchange rates, low entry points of purchase for homes, and the differing structure of the real estate market structure means that the equivalent of a single home in the diaspora can comfortably cater for between 3 to 4 homes, all with lucrative ROIs.

But that’s not just the reason. Shelter is an important life need for anyone in the world and rental income has proved to be a steady source of income for investors. Not only that, Africa remains a thriving tourist destination. With the unique opportunity that travel apps like Air BnB offer, short-lets have also become a viable investment option. Those who have invested homes for the purpose of giving it out for short-lets can gain steady income, which can well be above the prevailing inflation rate.

Urban Shelter has a proven track record of over 30 years in building habitable homes and creating comforting and exclusive environments. They have also secured investment opportunities in highbrow areas that are always the pick of the bunch in Abuja, Lagos and major cities in Nigeria. Apart from investment, Nigerians in diaspora have a culture of helping to settle their family members by relocating them to more promising locations in the country. That way, they can assess better opportunities.
As one of the oldest real estate developers in Nigeria, Urban Shelter Limited is a sure partner for Nigerians or Africans looking to explore even more investment opportunities back home in the real estate sector. The benefit of the sector is huge, with ROIs that continue to increase irrespective of the prevailing economic situation.

In the last few years, investment in the African real estate sector has gone way up as savvy investors both home and abroad are exploiting this unique opportunity.

Urban Shelter Limited is one of the few versed real estate companies that continues to make sure that those who seek to invest in Nigeria and Africa at large have an unlimited avenue, and the total confidence to go ahead and do so. They have made sure that investing back home and securing an asset that could provide passive income is made easy, accessible, and possible.

Derek Robins

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