Updating Amazon re:Invent 2023: Presenting the Top 10 New Products

Updating Amazon re:Invent 2023: Presenting the Top 10 New Products

At re:Invent 2023, AWS is stomping the competition with a number of ground-breaking new technologies, such as a thin-client hardware device and a new generative AI-powered assistant called Amazon Q that is tailored for corporate use.

“Generative AI is the next step in artificial intelligence,” said AWS CEO Adam Selipsky during his keynote this week at AWS re:Invent 2023. “And it’s going to reinvent every application that we interact with at work and at home.”

The $92 billion firm, headquartered in Seattle, is aiming to become a market leader in the rapidly expanding generative AI space as artificial intelligence continues to dominate the IT sector in 2023.

In order to strengthen its position in the AI market, AWS unveiled a number of new GenAI products this week at re:Invent 2023 in Las Vegas. These products include a new cybersecurity option for Amazon Bedrock, the company’s flagship GenAI platform, and a new processor chip called Graviton4, which enables workloads and apps driven by AI.

“We were the first to develop and offer our own server processors. We’re now in our fourth generation in just five years,” said Selipsky on stage as he unveiled Graviton4 at AWS re:Invent. “Other cloud providers have not even delivered on their first server processors yet.”

Here are the top 10 AWS product introductions this week at re:Invent 2023 that solution providers should be aware of, ranging from new serverless innovations and AWS partner support tools to new AWS Graviton4 and Trainium2 chips for AI.

AWS Introduces Amazon Q

The cloud giant revealed Amazon Q, a new generative AI-powered assistant intended for work, at AWS re:Invent in one of the biggest announcements to date.

Customers can connect to their company’s code, data, enterprise systems, and information repositories using Amazon Q to conduct discussions, solve issues, create content, acquire insight, and take action. Amazon Q uses straightforward natural language cues to assist business users in completing activities.

“Other providers have launched tools without data privacy and security capabilities, which virtually every enterprise requires. Many CIOs actually ban the use of a lot of the most popular AI chat systems inside their organization. Just ask any Chief Information Security Officer, CISO—you can’t bolt on security after the fact and expect it to work as well,” said AWS’ CEO.

“It’s much, much better to build security into the fundamental design of the technology. So when we set out to build generative AI applications, we knew we had to address these gaps. It had to be built in from the very start,” said Selipsky. “That’s why today I’m really proud and excited to announce Amazon Q, a new type of generative AI-powered assistant designed to work for you at work.”

Amazon Q offers citations and references to the original sources for fact-checking and traceability, as well as access controls that limit responses to just using data or acting in accordance with the employee’s degree of access. More than 40 pre-built connectors for widely used data sources and business applications, such as Salesforce, ServiceNow, Microsoft SharePoint, Amazon S3, Google Drive, and Slack, are available for customers to select from.

Amazon Q is coming shortly to additional AWS services, and it’s presently available for Amazon Connect.


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