Upcoming Launch: Major Upgrades Expected for New iPad Pro and iPad Air

Upcoming Launch: Major Upgrades Expected for New iPad Pro and iPad Air

Following the release of the MacBook Air M3 last week, it is anticipated that Apple will soon unveil a range of upgraded iPad models accompanied by new accessories. didn’t see any new iPad models from Cupertino during the year, and there is a lot of conjecture that the tech giant will reveal multiple new models in the upcoming weeks.

This is probably going to contain a redesigned Magic Keyboard, a third-generation Apple Pencil, and new iPad Pro and iPad Air models. These new items are anticipated “around the end of March or in April, as that’s when the accompanying iPadOS 17.4 software should be ready to go,” according to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg.

The iPad Pro is anticipated to launch with the long-awaited switch to OLED panels in addition to the traditional 12.9- and 11-inch models. The distinction between the Air and Pro will apparently become even more hazy when it comes to the Air’s larger 12.9-inch size, which is expected to debut soon. Our list of the finest tablets is presently held by the iPad Air 2022, and the new Air may take the top spot once again.

It’s anticipated that Apple would move the FaceTime camera in both scenarios, to the side of the device, similar to the iPad 10. This would provide a far more comfortable location for video chats on the new iPads when they are being used in landscape mode with a keyboard for business purposes.

Naturally, that might result in problems with the second-generation Apple Pencil’s magnetic attachment on the iPad. It is unclear if Apple will include a workaround for this in the upcoming stylus version. The business said last year that it will no longer be supporting the older iPad and Apple Pencil versions that run on the Lightning protocol. Instead, it will soon release a new USB-C model.

It’s thought that the high-end Magic Keyboard accessory will soon have an aluminum finish, making it more in line with the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Additionally, it will yield a more robust unit, and the latest speculations indicate a larger trackpad. Together with the repositioned camera, these modifications could help the iPad go even farther toward replacing laptops—a goal Apple has been pursuing for years.

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Thanks to new CPUs, performance will be improved on both the iPad Pro and iPad Air. It is anticipated that the Pro lines would receive the new Apple M3 chip, while the Air will receive an upgrade to the Apple M2. which, in terms of performance, is probably going to blow away every other tablet.

Additionally, there’s a very, very slim chance that MagSafe will make its way to the iPad following its reappearance to the MacBook lineup. Storage may also be increased to up to 2TB. Personally, I think Apple will continue to use USB-C and would be shocked to see this. Of course, the new iPad Pro may end up being one of the most popular devices of 2024 with its sharper and brighter OLED display as well.

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