8% More Galaxy S24s were Sold than Galaxy S23s

8% More Galaxy S24s were Sold than Galaxy S23s

Globally, the Galaxy S24 series has been incredibly well-received. It actually shattered pre-order records across a number of international nations. Pre-orders, according to Samsung, have increased by double digits. It has finally been made public how much better the Galaxy S24 series has sold globally.

Sales of the Galaxy S24 are up more than 10% in important regions for Samsung
A recent study claims that since the Galaxy S24 series’ release, sales have surpassed those of the Galaxy S23 series globally by 8%. Sales of the Galaxy S24 are reportedly 22% higher in South Korea than those of the Galaxy S23. Due to significant pre-order demand, the Galaxy S24 has sold 28% more in Western Europe (France, Germany, and the UK).

The report claims that in the US, sales of the Galaxy S24 series had surpassed those of the Galaxy S23 series by 14%. 52% of the sales were made up of the Galaxy S24 Ultra, the most costly model in the S24 series. Of the total sales, the Galaxy S24 made up 27%, and the Galaxy S24+ made up 21% of the sales across the board.

The Galaxy S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra are the first phones from Samsung to ship with AI-powered pre-installed features. These functions include summarizing webpages and notes, translating languages in real time during voice calls and messaging, and modifying images and videos with the help of generative artificial intelligence.

Even more sophisticated components and features are included in the Galaxy S24 Ultra. The side rails of the device are made of titanium, and the screen is protected by glare-free Gorilla Glass Armor. The phone is equipped with four cameras: a 200MP primary back camera, a 12MP autofocus ultrawide camera, a 10MP 3x optical zoom telephoto camera, and a 50MP 5x optical zoom telephoto camera.

With its 200MP primary and 50MP telephoto cameras, it can capture 8K 30 frames per second films. It also features an integrated S Pen and can record videos in 4K at 120 frames per second.

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