Unlocking the Mysteries of Passion Week: A Journey through the Jewish Calendar

Unlocking the Mysteries of Passion Week: A Journey through the Jewish Calendar

Passion Week, the culmination of Jesus’ earthly ministry, has long captivated the hearts and minds of believers. Now, a groundbreaking discovery offers us a new lens through which to view these sacred days—a connection to the ancient Jewish calendar.

John 12:1 serves as the compass for this remarkable journey. It reveals that Jesus arrived at Bethany six days before Passover, setting the stage for a precise countdown. Guided by the gospel of Mark, we embark on a chronological exploration that unveils the profound significance of each day.

Nisan 10, a date etched in history, witnessed Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem. Astonishingly, this day also marked the selection of Passover lambs. The crowd’s jubilant welcome of Jesus signified their acceptance of Him as the unblemished Lamb, fulfilling ancient prophecies.

Between Nisan 10 and Nisan 14, as Passover drew near, careful attention was given to the selected lambs to ensure their purity. During this period, Jesus made daily appearances in the temple, engaging in deep theological discussions with Jewish leaders, leaving them in awe of His wisdom.

Nisan 15 marked the beginning of the Feast of Unleavened Bread, while Nisan 18, during Passion Week, held a special significance. On this day, following the sabbath of this unique week, the priest in the temple waved the first fruits of the harvest, symbolizing Jesus ascending to His Father as “the firstfruits of them that slept.”

Nisan 17, the date of Jesus’ resurrection, echoes the biblical account of Noah’s ark coming to rest after the flood. Both events marked the dawn of a new world. After the flood, God established a new covenant with humanity, and after Jesus’ resurrection, a new covenant was extended to all who followed Him.

This newfound connection between Passion Week and the Jewish calendar deepens our appreciation for these pivotal events. It emphasizes the divine orchestration of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, highlighting the everlasting impact of His sacrifice.

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