Genesis Presents the G80 EV Magma and Neolun Concepts

Genesis Presents the G80 EV Magma and Neolun Concepts

Two gorgeous concept cars from Genesis have been shown, offering an early look at the company’s electric vehicle plans. While Genesis’s high-performance Magma program recently saw the unveiling of the G80 EV Magma Concept in Beijing, the Neolun Concept debuted in New York and represents a new approach in EV design.

The Greek word “neo” (new) and the Latin word “luna” (moon) are the sources of the name of the full-size electric SUV, the Neolun Concept. With coach doors and no B-pillars, it has a very striking, simple form that makes the interior more open for passenger comfort. Automatically deploying side steps adds an added touch of sophistication and facilitates easy entry and exit.

The inside of the Neolun Concept draws inspiration from the ondol, a traditional Korean heating system. Radiant heating is used to offer warmth in the console sides, floor, seatbacks, dashboard, and door trims. The cabin has a state-of-the-art sound system, and the front seats pivot for additional space and a genuinely multi-sensory experience.

The G80 EV Magma Concept is a vehicle that is much closer to being a real road car. The goal of the Magma program is to provide each production model it produces a high-performance thrill. The G80 EV Magma Concept offers a seductive sneak peek at a future G80 vehicle with a sporty driving experience, which will follow the smaller GV60 Magma. We may anticipate improved motors, suspension optimized for precision handling, and even larger brakes that guarantee confidence when you push its limits, even though there aren’t many information yet.

Power isn’t the only thing that the G80 EV Magma Concept emphasizes; style is also a significant component. It has a more aggressive stance and improved aerodynamics than its production cousin, as one could anticipate from the upgraded G80. Sporty bucket seats and Magma orange highlights may be found inside.

Sanchita Patil

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