Unlocking the Future: Gleam Contest – Countdown to P2B Launchpad with Atlantis Coin (ATLC)

Unlocking the Future: Gleam Contest – Countdown to P2B Launchpad with Atlantis Coin (ATLC)

The Atlantis project introduces the revolutionary concept of sea steading, envisioning a decentralized community independent of any existing nation-state. Powered by the unique cryptocurrency Atlantis Coin (ATLC), the project goes beyond the conventional, aiming to create a decentralized living space, Atlantis City, in international waters by year three.

What sets Atlantis apart is its unwavering commitment to inclusivity and support. The Treasury system extends a helping hand to citizens, offering loans that empower them to start businesses and actively contribute to the community’s growth.

Atlantis believes in shared success. With a rewards program tailored for ATLC holders, everyone becomes a beneficiary of the project’s prosperity. This innovative approach ensures that the community thrives collectively, creating a symbiotic relationship between the project and its stakeholders.

Embark on this thrilling journey with Atlantis, where an aggressive timeline and an innovative vision promise an experience beyond imagination. Whether you seek a vacation retreat, a permanent residence, or a business opportunity, Atlantis is the platform that invites you to make waves and shape the future of living on the water.

With a commitment to pushing boundaries, Atlantis pledges to offer a one-of-a-kind experience that transcends expectations. Join the wave-making community and be part of a revolutionary project that sets sail towards an extraordinary way of life.

Vision and Timeline:

The project aims to achieve sea steading within 3-5 years, starting with the purchase of the first cruise ship by the end of the public sale through crypto funding. The momentum continues, with plans to acquire another ship by the end of 2025 and set sights on the open sea by 2026, complete with additional ships and plans for permanent oceanic residences and vacation destinations.

In a bold venture that defies conventional living, Atlantis presents a vision that encompasses sea steading, vacationing, and a unique lifestyle on the water. Think big, as Atlantis invites individuals into a realm of possibilities that include leases, timeshares, and permanent residences in a community that stands as a true marvel.

Picture themed islands, a fleet of docked cruise ships, and expansive floating docks—Atlantis City is set to redefine living spaces and vacation experiences. These docks serve as central socialization hubs, fostering a sense of community within Atlantis.

Token Sale Breakdown:

With a limited production of only 1 billion ATLC coins, half of which will be secured in the treasury in Stablecoin, the remaining 500,000,000 coins will be strategically sold. This unique breakdown ensures a purposeful and sustainable trajectory for the Atlantis project.

About ATLC (Crypto Coin): Ambitious and Driven

ATLC, a new cryptocurrency with a purpose, stands out for its ambitious and results-driven approach within a condensed timeline. Token-holders of ATLC are set to own a fleet of cruise ships, signaling a revolutionary endeavor in the world of crypto.

The project’s aggressive plan includes the purchase of the first cruise ship within the inaugural year, serving as the pioneering seastead and hosting cryptocurrency events to showcase the prowess of their decentralized governance system. By year two, the community expands with additional docked cruise ships or floating islands, leading to the grand vision of Atlantis City by year three.

ATLC is not just a cryptocurrency; it’s a vehicle for redefining the boundaries of community living. Join the ambitious journey of ATLC and be a part of the sea steading revolution!





Company Details

Organization: Atlantis Coin
Contact Person: Daniel Dickey
Website: https://atlcoin.org
Email: media@atlcoin.org
City: Pittsburgh
Country: United States

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