Avoid Criminal Records with Fare Evasion Solicitors

Avoid Criminal Records with Fare Evasion Solicitors

Are you accused of fare evasion? Fret not, you can still safeguard yourself from criminal records.

In case, the Transport for London or other rail providers think that you have evaded fare, they will write to you. In this write-up, you will be asked to respond within 10 days. Then the provider will decide whether or not to initiate a prosecution. In case, they decide to prosecute, you will be sent a Court Summon. This summon will have the date on which you should attend the court. Also, you will be asked whether you intend to plead guilty or not. Also, you will get an option to get into your plea by post.

In instances, where long-term avoidance of fares is suspected, Transport for London may want to interview under caution. For instance, it is found that you have used the Oyster Card of some other person for a longer period. Irrespective of the situation, it is better to get help from a fare evasion solicitor.

Criminal Record for Evading Fare

In case, you are found guilty after a trial or you were to plead guilty in court, it will be regarded as a criminal conviction. In case, you do not have any previous convictions, it can be shocking for you to appear in front of the court. Criminal conviction in your name can affect job prospects, particularly in certain fields. Even, it can have a negative impact if you apply for a visa to some countries. So, it is better to avoid criminal records in your name. For this, you can get help from fare evasion solicitors. They can help you keep away from criminal records for evading fare.

What Can a Solicitor Do to You?

When you choose experienced solicitors like Makwana Solicitors, you can get great help. The reason is that these solicitors have experience in dealing with different train companies. Also, they have an excellent track record of settling the matters out of the court. So, you will be relieved of criminal records.

These solicitors can make an out-of-the-court settlement on your behalf. This encompasses drafting persuasive and powerful arguments to convince the company not to prosecute you. They have a direct line of contact with appropriate Prosecution Units. So, they can make representations on your behalf in a timely and efficient manner.

In case, you are accused of fare evasion, it is better to seek legal representation. With a fare evasion solicitor, you can get guidance on the likelihood of conviction, potential defences and legal process. Solicitors can talk to transport authorities to settle the matter out of the court. In this case, you will have to pay the cost of evasion and a fine might be charged.

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