UNA bring on Thaher Miah to onboard major crypto CEX giving hope to LUNA and UST victims

UNA bring on Thaher Miah to onboard major crypto CEX giving hope to LUNA and UST victims

Spearheading the task to get Centralized Exchanges to snapshot their users affected by the collapse of LUNA and UST, so they can claim 50% of UNA’s supply. Coinstore’s Thaher Miah has the industry’s recovery in his sights.

UNA (www.una-coin.com), has announced the addition of Thaher Miah as an advisor. Miah, Coinstore centralized exchange’s Regional Director, joins UNA. His advisory role will primarily involve building relationships with major exchanges including Binance, OKX, Bybit, KuCoin, Gate, MEXC, and Kraken to snapshot their users affected by the collapse of $LUNA and $UST and help them claim 50% of UNA’s token supply.

This development aligns with UNA’s initiative to assist those affected by the $LUNA and $UST market crash in May 2022, where investors faced significant losses. In response, UNA has allocated 50% of its tokens for $UST and $LUNA holders who suffered financially during this period, with no costs involved for users to claim these tokens.

The exchanges themselves also represent major claims due to their treasuries and liquidity pools. This move represents a potentially enormous capitalization event for the cryptocurrency industry.

Enigma, the founder of UNA and GP at EnigmaFund Venture Capital, emphasized the strategic importance of Miah’s role. “Thaher’s deep understanding of the cryptocurrency exchange landscape as well as his outstanding relationships, will be crucial as we implement our token distribution to affected users,” he noted.

“Assuming this advisory role at UNA allows me to support measures that aim to mitigate the impact of the crash for many within the cryptocurrency community,” said Miah. “It’s about creating awareness and enabling access to the claims process efficiently.”

This initiative not only provides an opportunity for recovery for individual investors but also aims to strengthen the trust and user engagement on partnering exchanges by offering tangible benefits without additional costs.

For further information about how centralized exchanges and their users can benefit from this initiative, please visit www.una-coin.com.

About UNA

UNA is building the community recovery Operating System of Web3 built on the back of innovative tokenomic game-theory, utility and economic modeling. 

Their mission is to revitalize, resurrect and recapitalize massive disenfranchised dormant communities, and fold them into a new trustless DeFi economy. As part of their future plans, UNA intend to use the community, treasury and tokenomic tools repetitively to achieve the same results with other collapsed communities such as BitConnect and SafeMoon.

At $UNA, 50% of the supply can be freely claimed by anyone that had UST/ LUNA at the depeg, 6th/ 7th of May.


Company Details

Organization: EnigmaFund
Contact Person: Khine Zin
Website: http://www.enigma-fund.com
Email: enigma@enigma-fund.com
Contact Number: +4402032901955
Address: R. Rodrigo da Fonseca 88
City: Lisboa
State: Lisbon
Country: Portugal

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