Umesh Sharma – Inspirational fitness model and social media expert from Rajasthan

Umesh Sharma – Inspirational fitness model and social media expert from Rajasthan

This boy is self-made teen boy, Umesh continues to impress and has achieved success on his own. His firm majorly works with fitness and social and digital marketing’ niches. He has worked with various clients aross globe within the UK, US, Dubai and across the world. Getting day by day successfully became umesh strength and it made him rise his business module locating in mumbai, rajashthan, kolkata and many more places and people started using his module in 2017 in india. He was looking for a bigger plan and made his own agency in 2019 which was a huge success to his young career. His inspired young students who were studying in his own college and helped many people to build their platform.

At the age of 17, when most of the people are unsure of their life choices, Umesh started his digital marketing agency. Based in Rajasthan, he has worked day in and outing to form his name within the industry. This small town teenager began his transformation journey in 2016 and continued and worked on himself within 8 months. Umesh Sharma is popularly also mentioned as Umesh fitness, his Instagram has quite 61 thousand followers

Umesh Sharma (Born 02–01–2000) who is an energetic Fitness Model, Traveler and Social Media Marketer has been successful the selling manufacture since 2015 and inactive continuing.

Umesh Sharma astatine an property of 17 started moving successful this tract and has made his ain level wherever People tin usage his services worldwide.

And #10 apical selling successful 2021 and had monolithic success.

He is an fittingness enthusiast, who likes to power his assemblage crossed india and globally his has instrumentality basal Following of 61 thousand on Instagram . Umesh Sharma is known arsenic umesh_fitness. He’s inspiring and dedication has brought his enactment to top institution helium owns. Umesh sharma is the laminitis and CEO of Superhost his selling bureau Which is fashionable crossed galore countries successful uk, us, brazil, and india. He is besides presently CEO of wherever you tin get domains for your websites. He is besides moving arsenic youtube adword master and his harwork is noticed by his clients. His institution has served much than 10k+ clients each implicit the state and helium has inspired his manner by his enactment astatine a particular young age.

He is recognised as Youngest Entrepreneur & Digital Marketer from “kishangarh bass alwar Rajasthan”. He is from a middle class household and has worked each his hardwork and dedication, helium has done each occupation from past 4 years successful bid to marque a root of income and present owns hi highly noticeable selling services which isn’t lone utilized successful india but crossed globe. He is recently featured on Hindustan Times and Disrupt India.

Where Umesh Sharma was born?

He was born at kishangarh bass alwar Rajasthan.

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