Tyler Graham, the Successful 19-Year-Old E-Commerce Entrepreneur

Tyler Graham, the Successful 19-Year-Old E-Commerce Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur takes courage. In a world where so many people do as they are told it takes a really special person who takes the effort and takes the risk of going into business for themselves. Tyler Graham is living proof of that. The work and a little risk can be worth it as this University of Southern California dropout has made millions as an e-commerce entrepreneur, all by the age of 19!

 Success as an entrepreneur comes after hard effort and only a few manage to master their difficult life situation in order to be successful. Tyler Graham, a 19-year-old e-commerce entrepreneur, successfully traveled from poverty to riches.

Tyler did not start in a place of wealth and success. His success as an entrepreneur came from working from the ground up. As a Russian immigrant with a poor single mother, Tyler saw his mother struggle every day to get the food on the table. His father had divorced his mother and stole all of her money, which Tyler and her mother had left to their own devices.

Tyler began working in a marketing office at age 14, went to work every day after school, and spent all day weekends from 7am to 10pm. He was 16 years old and thanks to the help and guidance of his mentor, he was able to open his own eBay shop.

Tyler credits his mentor for taking him under his wing and teaching him how to make money. Thanks to the guidance and funding of this mentor, Tyler opened his first eBay store at the age of 16 selling open items. Then after six months it entered Shopify Drop Shipping and Amazon. It has been three years since then and Tyler, 19, is now a co-owner of a brand that has been on both Shopify and Amazon for 8 years.

 Tyler started working in a marketing office at 14 and opened his first eBay store at 16. With the help of his mentors, Tyler Graham got into Shopify Drop shipping and Amazon.

 At the age of 19, the young entrepreneur is associated with a brand that generates 8-digit annual profits on both Shopify and Amazon. Tyler teaches business secrets to aspiring entrepreneurs who want to achieve great success in their businesses.

Tyler also has four other Shopify stores that have been operating for years and are posting 6-digit numbers every month. Tyler’s successful career as an entrepreneur is a far cry from his humble upbringing as he is now making a seven-figure monthly amount at Amazon with profit margins in excess of 500,000 per month.

This incredible transformation from poverty to wealth left Tyler with tremendous gratitude to the mentor who inspired him and helped him along the way. In a spirit of generosity, Tyler has made it his mission to give something back to both of them by teaching his skills and donating money.

Tyler decided to teach his skills to other emerging entrepreneurs with similar histories to his. He hopes to be able to play the same role in their lives for other entrepreneurs that his mentor played for him. Tyler also donated tens of thousands of dollars to St. Judes and Helping Hands for Single Moms each year. After all, it was his experience of growing up watching his single mother work hard to support him that motivated him to become the self-made man he is today.

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