Turning the weakness to the biggest strengths, Misha Arora’s real-life journey of becoming Nutritionist

Turning the weakness to the biggest strengths, Misha Arora’s real-life journey of becoming Nutritionist

Misha Arora, is making revolutionary changes in the life of people by aiding them with a healthy body and lifestyle. Here is a story of a depression warrior and one who has faced body shaming but still emerged as a big name today.

Misha Arora, was born in a small town of Rajasthan, near Kota and had struggled through her teenage years. She was diagnosed with PCOS/Thyroid, which changed her life completely and became a reason for depression. She was constantly body shamed for being overweight.

All through the ups and downs of a life, it was her father who pushed her a lot and stood like a pillar.

While she was 20 years old, she realized that the key to solve body shaming and to overcome depression can only be done by managing nutrition, and so she went ahead into the field of Nutrition science and became a Nutritionist.

Today, she is proudly treating thousands of girls with the PCOS/Thyroid issue to make them feel more confident and have a healthier lifestyle.

The next challenge she faced as a nutritionist was difficulty in getting clients, which was due to the lack of awareness in our society for Nutritionists.

Misha proved that with utmost hard work and sincerity, one can turn the impossibilities possible. Today, the clients which are reaching out to Misha appreciate her because of the big name she has made in the industry.

It was her dream to launch a YouTube channel to help people improve their lifestyle and nutrition and so today she has a big family on YouTube by the name ‘Nutritionist Misha Family’.

She dedicated herself up to the brim to bring the best content that could help people really change their lifestyle through her videos.

She truly believes that,

No matter how disturbing the situations are, to keep daring and by putting efforts, one can really make a big difference. 

For her, the biggest day of her life was when she finally became a Nutritionist. Losing the weight of PCOS and Thyroid all by her own diet plan and getting into a healthy shape and body was another big motivation for herself.

She condemns body shaming and really wants to educate people on how body shaming affects mentally and emotionally a person.

She rigorously follows three mantras in a life that is:-




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