Tracing and recovery services for cryptocurrencies

Tracing and recovery services for cryptocurrencies

As cryptocurrencies gradually but steadily go beyond their position as online collectibles or fascinating financial experiments, fraudsters, thieves, and hackers redouble their attempts to steal digital cash from the purses of legitimate owners of the cryptocurrency.

According to research conducted in 2018, genuine players in the cryptocurrency business lost an estimated $9 million in digital assets to theft on a daily basis. Since then, it’s probable that the condition has become worse.

The development of crypto-related crime has increased the need for solutions that can track down stolen digital assets, identify their criminals, and recover the amounts that have been taken.

Regular” hackers, thieves, and cyber-crime offenders are simply the tip of the iceberg when it comes to crypto-related fraud.

The cryptocurrency sector will only be able to achieve sustainable development via widespread acceptance if there are dependable procedures in place to facilitate private dispute resolution, crypto-asset tracking, and recovery, and crypto-asset traceability and recovery.

What is the procedure for tracing and recovering cryptographic assets?

Examine the procedures involved in the tracking and recovery of crypto-assets in detail.

• Examining the movement of cryptocurrency assets as it occurs.

• Obtaining information on the perpetrators of the crime.

• Commencement of recovery attempts and/or legal action.

Cryptocurrency Assets Movements

Keep in mind that courts will want legally acceptable proof of unlawful transfer of lost assets throughout this phase of the recovery process.

Free tools may allow individuals to keep tabs on some assets. However, the assistance of qualified specialists is essential for a successful inquiry.

There’s a good chance that CNC Intelligence Inc. can find any stolen cryptocurrency within its database of more than 200,000 digital assets tracked by the company.

Professionals in this field can help you with a lot more than just tracking out the origins of fraudulent wire transfers.

  • Only law enforcement and intelligence organizations have access to some types of professional investigation management solutions. It’s impossible to compete with that level of expertise with free tools.
  • Professional-level cyber investigations can be carried out by certified investigators.

Obtaining information on the perpetrators of the crime

Professional bitcoin tracking and recovery professionals have intelligence-gathering skills well beyond what an amateur could hope to accomplish. Human intelligence, open-source intelligence, cyber intelligence, and financial intelligence are all part of this arsenal.

One thing is to get raw data. Making sense of everything is one thing, but coming to the correct conclusions is quite another ballgame entirely. Intelligence analysis is yet another field in which trained and accredited investigators are required.

Commencement of recovery attempts and/or legal action

Investigators like CNC Intelligence Inc. can and do assist law enforcement in tracing digital assets that have been stolen. CNC Intelligence Inc. investigators take great satisfaction in their ability to help law enforcement authorities in the investigation of ongoing cases.

Digital asset specialists such as CNC Intelligence Inc. can trace an astounding number of digital assets. ETH and LTC, as well as tens of thousands of other cryptocurrencies, may be tracked by the firm.

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