Top US Payment Gateways

Top US Payment Gateways

Many businesses have their roots emerged from the USA, thereby supplying their goods and services from this point to all across the world. The transactions are also completed online making the buying and selling process easy and simple. 

If you own an established business and looking for the best online payment gateway, then this article will guide you to the top payment gateway servicing in the USA.

Top Payment Gateway Providers in the USA

  1. GoURL

Consumers often prefer varied modes of payment options. If you want to lead in the competitive game, then you must think one step ahead from the rest of the other competitors. One fine way to lead in the game is to accept the cryptocurrency for your consumers’ goods and services.

Today, consumers prefer the varied options of cryptocurrency payment and this in turn has increased the consumer base. GoURL allows you to process cryptocurrencies, completing the payment process. With its various payment options, cryptocurrency payment has proved to be accepted by consumers on a large basis.

  1. Merchant Services Broker Solutions

If you are looking for modern and secured payment options, then Merchant Services Broker Solutions offers one of the finest payment options in the industry. It simplifies payment processing by merging it with the right payment gateway to suit your business needs and requirements.

The business owners and consumers prefer MSBS’s online gateway for it offers secured payment processing, a simple and easy experience, and gives loads of payment options. It can be easily integrated into many gateways and shopping carts. This is why Merchant Services Broker Solutions has become the most favored option for consumers and business owners. 

  1. Cayan

Without a good and flexible payment gateway, no business can survive long in the industry. It must give its consumers various operation options so that they complete the payment in many ways possible.  

Cayan offers different payment options, serving 24/7 with great customer support features. The affordable pricing and various operational options make Cayan one of the most preferred gateway payment providers in the market.

  1. Stripe

Stripe provides micro payment service to the inmates of the USA. It offers varied payment options like mobile payments and in-app purchase payments. If you are looking for a varied micro payment gateway on your mobile channels, then Stripe is considered the best choice. Though they are targeted for low price services and small ticket items, it sure targets consumers at a very large base, maximizing your income route.

  1. Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is believed to be the most flexible and reliable gateways in the world market. It has its roots spread to different parts of the world, giving its consumers various simple payment options. 

The charges and fees are affordable, which is not the same case in other payment gateway providers. Its website is very simple and informative, which will take you for an easy installation and setup process.

  1. PayPal payment gateway

Today, payment through e-wallets has picked up greatly and widely. It is considered the safest and secure way of completing payment transactions. The PayPal Payment Gateway is a trusted brand, having its branches fixed firmed in many parts of the world. It has simplified the payment options where you will not have to carry cards to complete the transactions. 

Integrating the PayPal Payment interface on your mobile e-commerce or website platform, is very simple and easy, while the charges and fees are affordable and standard too. Besides the payments are accepted in different currencies also.

  1. BluePay

BluePay presents its consumers with the easy convenience of payment options with just a one-click feature. It is considered the best and easiest way of payment option when seen from the consumers’ point of view. The features offered by the company is seamless, giving its consumers a great shopping experience. 

It sure will be a little overwhelming by looking at the varied payment gateway options. But it is very important that you choose a gateway that gives your customer a happy and easy experience and that suits your business rightly. Make sure to compare the charges, fees, and other features so that you choose the one, which perfects your business better.

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