Tom Holland can come for another trilogy of MCU Spider-Man movies

Tom Holland can come for another trilogy of MCU Spider-Man movies

Spider-Man: No way home is set to finish this triad of Marvel medium Universe Spider-Man movies before long, however Tom holland’s incarnation of the web-slinging hero isn’t hanging up his suit simply yet: Sony producer Amy Pascal has confirmed in associate interview with social dancing that Holland can come for a future triad of Spider-Man movies which will still be set within the MCU.

“This isn’t the last show that we tend to square measure getting to build with Marvel — [this is not] the last Spider-Man show. we tend to have gotten able to build consequent Spider-Man show with Tom Netherlands and Marvel, it simply isn’t half of… we’re thinking of this as 3 films, and currently we’re getting to go onto consequent 3. this is often not the last of our MCU movies,” Pascal same.

“Marvel and Sony square measure getting to keep going along as partners,” she other.

While it’s going to appear obvious that additional Holland-starring Spider-Man movies would get on the means, the distinctive licensing deals round the character mean that things square measure way more difficult. That’s as a result of, in contrast to nearly each different major Marvel hero, the rights to Spider-Man (and his associated villains, allies, and aspect characters) aren’t closely-held by Walter Elias Disney — they’re closely-held by Sony, United Nations agency picked up the rights to the character all the means back in 1998.

A major 2015 agreement between the 2 firms allowed Marvel Studios to integrate the character into the implausibly standard Marvel medium Universe series of films, in exchange for Marvel Studios co-producing Spider-Man films set in this same universe for Sony photos.

That deal has seen its ups and downs over the years, with drama in 2019 seeing a dispute between Sony and Walter Elias Disney virtually finish the deal over profit-sharing negotiations from the MCU films (the 1st 2 of that have nearly hit a combined $2 billion at the box office), though the businesses were able to patch things up a couple of weeks later with a replacement deal (the details of that square measure still for the most part unknown).

That quirk of licensing results in tons of the bizarreness with the recent Spider-Man films — just like the indisputable fact that Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: off from Home aren’t offered on Walter Elias Disney and or why Tom Holland’s incarnation of the character has however to seem within the recent Venom films or the future Morbius.

Since then, though, things seem to own been additional loveable between the studios. Sony photos recently signed a deal that will license out future film releases for Disney’s streaming platforms beginning in 2022. And Marvel Studios has already declared associate animated prequel to its Spider-Man films, Spider-Man: Freshman Year, coming back to Walter Elias Disney and within the future, too.

Still, whereas Spider-Man’s future in Marvel Studios films is assured, Pascal was additional coy regarding the character manifestation in Sony-produced films within the future, telling social dancing that “[we] all wish to stay creating movies along. How’s that for associate answer?”

Sneha Mali

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