Meet Giovanni Adriano aka Gioisofficial

Meet Giovanni Adriano aka Gioisofficial

A teenage Instagram star from Texas was showing off his luxurious lifestyle from Yachts to Jets to stunning cars.

Giovanni Adriano— the 17-year-old Entrepreneur also known as gioisofficial, according to media sources— Is top 5 youngest entrepreneurs in the world. Although he is well known for his stunning social media post, he has made a big name in the industry.

Gioisofficial works with several big musicians such and collaborates to help them grow. He has a passion for making money and not only is he known in the music industry, Giovanni Adriano has grown plenty of brands globally and has marketed millions of followers for big companies, has invested in many platforms including stocks and crypto.He assists in growing and marketing small and large businesses, dabbled in Real Estate, and has helped in launching campaigns for upcoming and established names in Media, Entertainment, and Sports.

Giovanni Adriano has roughly 300,000 instagram followers (  where he often showcases his luxury lifestyle and his hardwork.


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