tobyjakewright, 14 years old and dominating the Competition

tobyjakewright, 14 years old and dominating the Competition

tobyjakewright is a British photographer, Born 15th of May 2006. Growing up tobyjakewright was always interested in how cameras worked. This curiosity led toby to find out what he wanted to be, a photographer.

Tobyjakewright has released 2 books so far. “my struggles within the art of photography” talks about the things that he has done wrong whilst learning, to help his readers not make the same mistakes that he made. His second book “guide to portrait photography” talks about how to effectively take portraits of people using photography techniques such as the rule of thirds, composure and colour.

A huge part of tobyjakewright’s portfolio focuses on the use of colour and light to portray a desired mood across to the person who is looking at the photo. he likes to make the subject isolated in the frame to keep the vison clear. The repetition within his work Is very apparent. He still has a long way to come but I am sure he is able to surpass his goal quite easily.

You can find tobyjakewright on many social media platforms under the name tobyjakewright or You can find him on his website,   

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