Tiwaii Funchess on his plans for 2021

Tiwaii Funchess on his plans for 2021

Tiwaii Funchess is a 14 year old contemporary artist born in South Carolina on June 14th of 2006. Tiwaii started doing art at age 2 or 3. Tiwaii moved to Charlotte North Carolina at age 10 where he was exposed to digital art and began practicing digital art. Tiwaii Funchess has had an amazing come up this year but only better things will come next year. Next year Tiwaii plans to release Swak his brand which will sell streetwear and exclusive rare vinyl figures.

These figures will come in lime and dark gray, pink and gray, and more. Swak shirts will include the swak buddy stabbing a kaws companion in the top left corner. Next year Tiwaii plans to work with many big names like Takashi Murikami and Lil Mabu. Tiwaii Funchess plans to release a large animation project in the spring of 2021 he will release a preview in March 2021.

Tiwaii has a very unique approach to art which makes him very nice and interesting. He reimagines people as cartoons but does it perfectly. Tiwaii also Hope’s to gain more experience in different mediums in 2021. He is currently doing commissions for the public which usually aren’t crazy expensive but will soon stop to focus more on his upcoming projects. To stay updated with these projects or to contact Tiwaii you can message him on Instagram @tiwaiifunchess

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