Nandlal Chhanga drops another track ‘Tuta Hai Dil’ to warm all hearts this winter

Nandlal Chhanga drops another track ‘Tuta Hai Dil’ to warm all hearts this winter

Love has a habit of visiting us time and again in disguise, it always comes back to us in the end, not always in the way we had hoped for. Songs have a special connection to romance, whenever love is mentioned, love songs is an automatic association that our brains make. A song about heartbreak and the hurt that accompanies it was released in the 3rd week of December, called Tuta Hai Dil. Nandlal has charmed the audience with his beautiful and melodious voice coupled with soothing music. The whole song comes together extraordinarily in the music video featuring Vishal Pandey and Aliya Hamidi. The beautiful couple portrays the complexities of emotions and the problems individuals face after love leaves, the combination of brilliant acting and heartwarming music has really given Tuta Hai Dil a special place.

The song released its first teaser on 18th December, and fans and followers of Chhanga as well as both the actors have been extremely excited about this track. The story revolves around a couple, the female protagonist has last stage of cancer. However, they battle Al the problems together, unfortunately the video concludes with the male protagonist mourning his lover’s death. Tuta Hai Dil is directed by celebrated filmmaker Druwal Patel, who has delivered several amazing projects where Vaibhav Vyas is the D.O.P. Chhanga’s hypnotizing voice, captivating lyrics coupled with Shivam Gundecha’s music has made this song an exceptional piece.

The song was released officially on 25th December, a Christmas gift to all music lovers. Produced by Ishaan Chhanga and Raj Chhanga, the song is ready to become the love anthem of 2020. Vishal Pandey, Aliya Hamidi, and Nandlal Chhanga have created magic on the screen, a beautiful concoction that everyone should witness.

Derek Robins

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