Tips to Make Your Business Website Stand Out Using AI Avatars

Tips to Make Your Business Website Stand Out Using AI Avatars

Of all the new technologies being touted to revolutionize information and communication technology across multiple industry sectors, AI technology is already making business faster and less strenuous. AI has the potential to save a great deal of time simply because there is a much less human input required where before teams of specialists and experts would be required to keep things running smoothly. But where the business world is concerned, it is perhaps the application of AI to customer serve that has been the most marked change in recent years.

We are all, by now, very familiar with the AI chat bots that are a very common feature across countless websites. These chatbots are perhaps the oldest example of AI being used to directly engage with customers – or potential customers – in an online setting. The only problem with these so-called chatbots is that they are by now so ubiquitous that they really offer nothing in the way of standing out for the websites that use them. They can also often be clunky and not in possession of all the information that the customer needs. In such cases, customers typically become irritated and wish they could speak to a real human being. When this happens, AI has not only failed, but it has had a very definite negative effect on a company’s customer relations.

Impersonating Real People

This then highlights an especially important principle that needs to be borne in mind whenever a company decides to incorporate AI into a website interface – it really needs to give the impression of a real human being. Effective AI hasn’t been around long enough to dispel the prejudice against AI and the irritation of not speaking to a real person, so your AI needs to be properly convincing.

Thankfully, there are a range of innovative new services designed with precisely this goal of convincing users that they are in contact with a real human being. You might want to consider, for example, AI STUDIOS, a company that offers incredibly realistic AI Avatars which appear in a video introduction. Program them with a precomposed spiel, and you can give the impression of a well-staffed company with professional employees and a really well-developed customers relations department.

Other AI Uses

And when it comes to websites, there is more than just customer relations that AI technology can provide. We have already mentioned the numerous accounting and admin tasks that AI technology can cover, but content creation is now something that can also be performed by AI. Just like the Text to Video AI avatars that deliver information to visitors, this is an example of AI technology only now coming to the point where it can convincingly impersonate a real human being – in this case content writers.

Until very recently, AI-composed text could usually be spotted a mile away, but that is now no longer the case. This is why AI is now being entirely relied upon to create the blogs of many websites. Naturally, this technology still requires a degree of human input – such as the topics to cover and the links to include – but basic sentence structure is something that can now be handled entirely by such AI services. AI is also a great way to ensure that such text is tailored for optimal SEO.

Ultimately, you should be careful to distinguish the tasks that can be best performed by AI from those which will still require a human employee. But there is no denying it – a great deal of time and money can be saved with the incorporation of AI.

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